Shogun x B O Ḵ Ë – Culture [Interview]

  • Please Introduce yourself

Im a Music Producer from Fife, Scotland. born Scott Russell Wilson Jr. & Been operating musically under the Alias B O Ḵ Ë since late 2018. Music has been a beautiful way for me too convey my emotions over the years and I look too continue my work on into the foreseeable future & I have faith someday it will give me a big enough platform too really impact humanity in positive way and push us back in the right direction as a species.

  • Describe your sound in 3 words

Pushing The Boundaries.

  • Favourite rapper, lyricist and producer

Favourite Rapper right now has to be Slowthai. That man is seriously on a whole other level! Even though he’s only dropped one official album at this point I can feel the levels of evolution & introspection going on and I honestly live for that shit.

Favourite Lyricist right now has to be Shogun. The way he attacks a beat with his own unique approach will be remembered for years to come, especially up here in Scotland. Props to him for all he’s doing for the Scottish scene right now too. It’s been a blessings being a part of it & I look forward to the future endeavours with Sho.

Favourite Producer is Moby. These where all really tough to just pick one for each but I feel like Moby’s been there since the very start of my love for music & even still too this day his album releases never fail to leave me in awe. It’s honestly probably where my love for making full length albums rather than singles came from & his music also pushed me more in the direction of trying to portray some sort of emotion or deep routed message rather than just go with whatever’s currently poppin’ – so I’m forever in debt to Moby for that reason & many more.

  • Best Hip Hop album ever

Again, It’s hard to choose the best hip-hop album of all time really but for me personally the one I’m most attached to on a spiritual level would have to be ‘Ready To Die’ by The Notorious B.I.G – The whole album is just complete raw realness to it’s core right from the get go & I love that. All the beats are legendary, the hooks are timeless, all the menacing bars & flows throughout just take me to another realm and have done since a young age. I always looked up to the rappers like Pac, BIG & any other rapper coming with something uniquely theirs & real.

  • Top Hidden Gem Artist

Honestly any hidden gem Artists I come across I take down the names & add them to the bucket-list of talented artists I would love to work with in near the future and in recent times I’ve been fortunate enough to mark off some of them names.

I would say a definite Hidden Gem Artist to watch would be MONROE (MONRO£ on Spotify) from Telford, England (UK). Bubbling up a lot of hype round his ends & for good reason, he comes with it every time and his bars & melodies just seem to be getting better & better. 100% someone to watch in the UK scene and I look forward to sharing some of the music We’ve got coming.

  • Future plans

As far as the future goes, I’m not entirely sure even where to start. Basically I have an Album I’ve been working on all year & In the process of getting this as good as it deserves to be I’ve ended up with way more music than I can even release.

So for now let’s just keep it one big exciting moment in time then we’ll focus on what’s next when it gets here.

Natures Memories’ Drops before the year is done. (2020)

In my mind it’s the Biggest album coming out of Scotland in 2020 so I genuinely cannot wait too share it with you guys, then move forward onto the next one like it’s nothing.

Plenty more to come that’s for sure – I just need to Stay Ready & Trust the process.

  • Thank you!

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