Savoy Ellis – Sunset Daydream (feat. Breland) [Review]

Love, whether lost, unrequited or blossoming, has always been one of the biggest inspirations for songwriters. How does a really good song stand out from the crowd though? Well, it has to have a sophisticated chord progression and surely an uplifting groove with light but vivid jazzy touches would do the trick. Look no further! Daydream by Savoy Ellis Sunset (feat. Breland) is the winning example of a modern gentle sound made to lift your spirits instantly!

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Justin Tyme – Anti Dope [Astronote Version] (Review)

Griselda teams up with Justin Tyme to serve their totally intoxicating track, Anti Dope. It’s not a coincidence. It is the chill bass line mixed with a captivating downtempo drum beat that makes it irresistible. The instrumental with an Ethio Jazz hint is filled with psychedelic key chords for the first part, while in the second part the listener is met with a beat switch enriched with an airy electric piano line. And the flow? It hits you like synchronised waves with a distinctive 90’s vibe. Unmissable.

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Jackie channels – wakeupatsixandrunamile [Review]

Wakeupatsixandrunamile. No, it’s not our NYE resolution.
We are talking about the new song by Jackie channels that should definitely be on your 2023 playlist.
You are listening to a forward thinking, creatively complicated, glitch-style inspired beat enriched with organic percussion clicks but wait; at the same time, the melodic side of the song incorporates some warmly retro synth pads which create a delicate soundscape. The flow is divided in two parts, characterised by its variety in the verse and the chorus which feel totally different. This is nothing less than a shining original work, truly more than a mile ahead of the generic commercial tracks. Welcome to your next favourite morning routine.

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Jackson Whalan – Supreme [Review]

Jackson Whalan teams up with the up-and-coming producer SSQUIRE and together they bring Supreme, an instant banger that keeps the artist at the highest level. Jackson Whalan with his inspiring flow delivers some powerful lyrics touching on confidence and empowerment. The instrumental is driven by a jazzy riff that in practice can serve as a seminar on how to flip a sample in such a creative way. The beat has a J Dilla flavour, enriched with plenty of percussion elements and served with some added white noise. A hypnotic synthesis of old-school sounds with a more contemporary production. Listen below!

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Fungai – Most hype [Review]

I woke up feeling real grimey one day..

Throughout the two and a half minute long song which has arrived on December 5, Fungai claims his seniority. But is this enough to put him in the top 5?  Well, let’s see up close. The beat incorporates some very chill old school elements. He definitely delivers his bars effortlessly, with the most hype. The instrumental is driven by a dreamy detuned loop which has a mesmerising fairy tale feeling. Is the audience voting in yet? Like him or not, you have to love him for his passion. 

..This is what happened next.

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Yana Obretenova – Path of sunlight [Review]

Where do I go?
Hailing from Bulgaria, neo-soul artist Yana Obretenova delivers her latest work Path of sunlight, a well crafted RnB production with an experimental hint. The song has a tense, broken beat that blends nicely with an inspired, cheeky  synth bass line. In addition, the numerous key lines give the song a jazzy vibe. Finally, the track is laced with atmospheric vocals complemented by harmony rich back vocals too. Yana Obretenova is showing the way. Follow her!

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MEM_MODS – Harmolodica [Review]

Harmolodica is the new instalment by MEM_MODS a project consisting of  three seasoned touring musicians off the road. The breakbeat infused groove, that feels as time travelling through the 90s, drives the instrumental. On top of that, the track is characterised by the dub flavoured guitars while the added melodica adds the necessary unconventional element to the production. Heavily processed and filled with a plethora of effects, the track will be greatly enjoyed by open-minded music fans who can appreciate a bit of experimentation. Make sure to follow our Spotify Playlist feat. MEM_MODS.

Phillip Hamilton – Lemon or Lime [Review]

Head to head. Lemon or Lime? 
In this exciting team up, Dallas, Texas guitarist/producer Phillip Hamilton, Jackson Mathod and Ceeow deliver their latest tune. Zingy and colourful, the track will captivate you with its well crafted, guitar centric production enriched with an abundance of professional horn lines. We are talking about some seriously skilled improvisations flaunting a delicate vocal delivery with a signature flow. Press play below and squeeze out every last bit of it. Make sure to follow our Spotify Playlist feat. Phillip Hamilton.

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Thomas Jay – Ease My Mind [Review]

London born, Kent raised Thomas Jay is showcasing his atmospheric debut single, a neo soul tune with laid-back vibe. In the epicentre of the track is the artist’s express vocal delivery characterised by its wide dynamic range between the verses and chorus. The chill, bass driven groove has a soothing factor and is mixed with nicely detuned, ethereal synth pads and deliciously warm keys.  As the track suggests, something to ease your mind. Don’t forget to follow our Spotify Playlist feat. Thomas Jay. Listen below!

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Arturo Banbini – Underground Party [Review]

Arturo Banbini is back and is as strong as ever. This time he teams up with living legends of the scene as LYNX 196.9 x Kool Keith x Sadat X for Underground Party, an invitation to dance on this thrilling funky groove. Driven by the bass line and enhanced by a polished horn section, its sound is charged with intense energy while the enthusiastic guitars add ‘de funk’ to the already heated production. On top of that quality flows fill the last pieces of the puzzle. Make sure to follow our Spotify playlist feat. Arturo Banbini. Listen below!

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