Deore – Piece [Review]

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Deore returns with his latest single titled “Piece,” showcasing a deeply personal and honest lyrical journey. The track’s instrumental composition is marked by the enveloping warmth of saturated analog keys, which contribute to creating a gentle and inviting atmosphere. The beat exudes a classic soul trap vibe while Its deep and resonant sound sets the stage for a laidback late-night experience. On top of that a vocal chop adds an extra texture to the already organic arrangement. A testament to Deore’s artistry and ability to produce soulful music that resonates deeply with the audience.

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Chris Hyson x Frida Touray – Do You Mind [Review]

Chris Hyson teams up with Frida Touray for Do You Mind, an irresistible contemporary R&B track filled with enchanting romance. The song’s notable feature is its straightforward yet highly impactful chord progression, consisting of just two chords. The smooth groove, propelled by the captivating bass line, seamlessly intertwines with the sweet and comforting analog-sounding synth arpeggios, resulting in a warm and inviting production. On top of that, the expressive vocal delivery adds an extra layer of emotion, enhancing the overall intimate atmosphere. Close your eyes and picture a serene sunset beach with pink skies. Who wants to leave?

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Odd Holiday – It IS Whut It Iz [Review]

Odd Holiday has returned with their newest offering called “It IS Whut It Iz”. The song begins and concludes with sample clips. In between, the main part features a lively drum beat, an intriguing bass line and trippy dub infused desert guitars. The primary melodic theme has a superb cinematic vibe. The flow is smooth and captivating, effortlessly riding the beat, blending perfectly with the instrumental. An experimental hip hop production which isn’t afraid to take risks, making it unique and noteworthy.

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Qeeran – IN RETROSPECT [Review]

Qeeran, a queer artist hailing from Melbourne, has released a new album entitled “IN RETROSPECT” which takes listeners on a poignant and introspective journey, delving into the artist’s life experiences such as migration, love, heartbreak, personal growth, and self-love, spanning across the 9 tracks of the project. Remarkably, Qeeran is responsible for all aspects of the album’s creation, including production, writing, mixing, and mastering. 

Musically, “IN RETROSPECT” is a smooth and cohesive production that combines soul trap influences with elements of R&B and hip hop, perfectly complementing the artist’s skillfully autotuned vocals. The warm and inviting keys in the arrangement provide a strong foundation, while the gently saturated synth elements have a calming effect, creating a laid-back atmosphere that invites the listener to relax and reflect. Overall, Qeeran has delivered a beautifully crafted album that not only showcases his musical talent but also provides an intimate glimpse into his life experiences.

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V of 40M – Martin Luther [Review]

No need to pretend.
V of 40M has done it again with his latest work “Martin Luther.” The track is a powerful political statement that addresses issues such as inequality, discrimination and power games. Teaming up with Saint Cardona, the production on “Martin Luther” is nothing short of outstanding. The instrumental is a classic and gritty drill beat with a wavey, killer bass line and sweet dark vibes that perfectly complement V of 40M’s flow who he doesn’t hold back as he delivers his message with conviction. The combination of V of 40M’s lyrical prowess and Saint Cardona’s production results in an experience that goes beyond just music. It’s a call to action, a battle cry for change. The soundtrack of the revolution.

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Swove Domas – Rub A Dub (Touch Me Up) [Review]

Swove Domas remains loyal to his motto, which suggests that success is merely an indication of the quality of one’s work, rather than defining who they are as an individual. His latest track “Rub A Dub (Touch Me Up)” is a fun and energetic party anthem that is sure to get everyone on their feet. The beat is a standout feature of the song, with heavy 808s that will test the limits of any subwoofer. Swove Domas’ melodic flow is effortless, and he delivers his bars with a confident swagger that perfectly matches the tone of the song. The track manages to be fun and super catchy without ever feeling pretentious or over the top. Swove Domas keeps things simple and focuses on delivering a feel-good vibe that will keep listeners coming back for more. Rub A Dub! Click below!

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Pale Male x Rydell – Loser’s Lament [Review]

Pale Male and Rydell have teamed up to create a track full of soul titled “Loser’s Lament”. This song is an honest reflection on the harsh realities of show business and the toxic relationships it can create. The track has a wonderfully laidback feel, and it is evident that the duo has put a lot of thought into the production.

The bass line is deep and provides a solid foundation for the track. The groove is reminiscent of the iconic J Dilla style and adds a chill vibe to the song. The melodic line in the chorus is beautifully crafted while the rich vocals convey the emotions of the lyrics perfectly. The harmony-rich back vocals add depth and complexity to the track, enhancing the listening experience. The guitars and sweet horn lines are perfectly placed within the arrangement and add to the overall organic sound of the track. 

For everyone out there who misses the old D’Angelo work, click play below!

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Jin Shin – Grateful [Review]

Jin Shin has released his debut single “Grateful,” which aims to spread positive vibes and uplift listeners. The song reflects the artist’s personal journey of shifting consciousness and highlights the idea that facing adversity can make us stronger. The chord progression used in the song follows the classic I-IV-V recipe, which gives it a familiar feel. The addition of dancehall elements makes the track very danceable, while the elegant horn lines in the arrangement add to its overall well crafted production. On top of that, the rap verses provide a nice contrast to the catchy and melodic chorus. Ultimately, Jin Shin’s message is vivid and listeners are encouraged to follow the artist’s lead. Hit play and let the music inspire you to be grateful and try to maintain a constructive mindset.

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Proklaim – Valley [Review]

Proklaim, the talented hip hop artist, has made a remarkable comeback with his latest release, “Valley.” His music embodies the essence of potent hip hop and stays true to his artistic goals. With this release the artist manages to craft well-thought-out melodic verses displaying his impressive range and, note that, without relying on autotune. Proklaim’s rap is elevated by a classic sounding trap beat that features a nicely hypnotic theme, signature trap hap patterns and heavy 808s that draw listeners in. If we were to imagine how Proklaim would speak: Maintain faith and hope through the various stages of life. Sometimes the journey we find ourselves on is uniquely designed for us. Let the empowering lyrics inspire you to carpe diem!

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Deadmics – Lily Livered [Review]

Deadmics is presenting “Lily Livered,” an honest alternative hip hop track with a charming old-fashioned atmosphere. The instrumental side of the song, by produced by Rob Castro, is nicely soothing, featuring pleasing piano lines and a lovely string section reminiscent of a black and white film. The addition of the horn solo enhances the warmth of the overall production. Thematically, the song discusses feelings of jealousy and vulnerability, as well as recognizing them. It deals with the conflict of feeling the dopest but not receiving recognition for it. On one hand, it seems uncool to crave acknowledgement, but on the other, it feels justified. Ultimately, it’s a reflection on both sides of the situation. You may hate the world. On not. Either way click play and dive in.

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