Jordan Jones – Sabotage [Interview]

Tell us a few things about your new work Sabotage, what is the story behind it?

Sabotage is a high energy fun pop song about being triggered in a relationship and wanting to leave. The real story behind the song is the battle with the self we have when triggered because of stories and walls we’ve built to block ourselves from getting hurt. Holding on to these walls and stories often have a byproduct of self Sabotage. Thats what this song is for me. Its the battle I was going through internally when my relationship hit the 2 year mark and we were questioning if our core values and relationship goals lined up. I was fighting with should I say fuck it, walk away, and Sabotage myself because I was afraid to really dig deep and address what was blocking me from opening up fully. Or put in the work and break through the stories I tell my self. I chose to walk away in Sabotage which made me see through the bullshit I was telling myself. Writing this song helped remind me that putting in the work is always the better path.

How do you know it’s time to leave a relationship??

If we’ve legitimately exhausted all other options then we should know if the relationship serves us or not. It’s important to really look at yourself with an honest perspective before leaving a relationship. It’s so easy to blame others for the mistakes they’ve made but have we taken accountability for our own actions? Has our partner or friend or family member expressed some concerns that have fallen on deaf ears? Are we holding ourselves with the same accountability as we hold others to. I can only speak for my self that it took me really deconstructing my self to see that I wasn’t hearing what my partner needed for the relationship to grow. In that process I was able to hone in on what I needed in the relationship and was able to clearly communicate that with me partner as well. So in short, if we can’t find a way to communicate with each other, if our goals and core values don’t match, and if one or both persons stops trying and/or don’t care to try then leaving the relationship may be the best decision for both parties.

What first got you into music?

I’ve always loved music from a young age. I grew up in a very religious family put for me music was always my religion of choice. Ive found more comfort in lyrics more then any bible. Because of that I found myself writing poetry at a young age then progressively writing songs. Music has always been there for me when I feel alone so I naturally feel like I just need to give back to the Church Of Music.

Favourite album of the past year?

Oh man thats a loaded question! Haha There were so many good albums this year but hands down I think one that really shook my world was when Ab-Soul dropped Herbert. Fuck I love everything about that album. The beats are the right amount of old school and lyrically….mind blown. I was also really in to the August 08 albums Towards The Sun and Towards The Moon. Which as we know were later combined to make Seasick. Love the sounds and direction of the production with that release. I know you asked for my favorite but I also need to shout out to SZA for dropping SOS. Damn that shit hits different!

What would be your dream performance venue?

Damn! No question my dream venue to perform at is Madison Square Garden. Period.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Fuck the judgment of others and create art from a place of pure courageous vulnerability. And just put it out.

Future plans?

I’m in the studio all year pushing singles again. Working on putting the funds together to drop an EP. I’ve got an acoustic version of Sabotage coming. Just playing shows, create more music, and connect with other artists. I’d love to collab with other artists this year and just create a solid community.

Thank you!

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