Kimaya Diggs – Quincy [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Bittersweet, summery, romantic

Can you describe the creative process behind the album “Quincy”?

Almost everything was recorded at a friend’s studio, so I got to really take my time experimenting with arrangements and sounds, and work with some of my best friends. My dog Quincy was by my side through the entire recording process, sometimes leaning against my legs while I tracked vocals.

How did your personal experiences with loss, illness, and recovery shape the content of this album?

I am very inspired by the cycle of nature when it comes to recovery and healing. The natural world is so resilient and adaptable that it’s impossible not to take cues from it when you’re facing down chronic illness and grief. My mom died at 64, while I was recording the album, and her death gave me a sense of urgency and vision around the project. It pushed me to be uncompromising and stay true to my goals.

Can you talk about the significance of the song “Letting Go” and its connection to your mother?

We go to Cape Cod every summer, and every summer for my teen years, I’d have a big fight with my mom. Towards the end of her life, as her illness progressed, I started thinking more about what it would be like to go to the Cape and not have her there to fight with — or even just be with. “Letting Go” holds some of the tension of loving someone and letting them follow their own path.

Do you like the idea of collaborating? Is songwriting a lonely process?

I love collaborating when it comes to recording, but songwriting is a really solo process for me. I’m a slow songwriter and I take my time feeling out melodic lines so they fit my voice perfectly. I love the idea of collaborating on writing in the future, but for now, it’s me on my own.

Favorite music related film?

I love “What Happened, Miss Simone?” as a documentary, and “This is Spinal Tap”

Future plans?

I want to share the songs from Quincy as widely as I can! I’ll be touring all summer and through the fall, and working on new songs from my home studio as well. I’m also writing a book this year — a hybrid memoir on grieving, and I can’t wait to share that with the world in the future.

Thank you!

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Milla Thyme- Exaltation [News]

Rising R&B talent Milla Thyme positions himself for commercial success with the release of his single “Exaltation”.

The single is described as a “sonic journey into the transformations I have undergone in my own personal life” says Thyme. Exhibiting his ability to note an intersection amongst genres, Thyme is venturing deep into the synthesized soundscapes to create a new sound that effortlessly blends his hip-hop, electronic and gospel roots. The song opens with sultry female vocals repeating “Exaltation” and a groovy beat to quickly get listeners in the R&B headspace. Immediately upon the song’s opening, one can hear the fusion of hip-hop, electronic, and gospel elements – a dash of bass, guitar, chords, synthesizer, oohs and ahhs, and an irresistible groove. Thyme’s rapping could not be crisper, with excellent timing, lyrics about transformational freedom and the self, and a tone that feels powerful yet simultaneously meditative. Further representing his ability to work cross-genres, Thyme makes his listeners feel motivated yet completely calmed with the various musical elements incorporated into the new single. The paradox of sensations from the track makes it all the more addicting to hit the replay button.

Milla Thyme is a true devout artist building on the foundations set before him and fearlessly molding it to the present day and time. Born and raised in Toronto, based out of Montreal, Milla Thyme’s artistry is unique and, on a technical level, irreplaceable. By intertwining his skills as a rapper, bassist and producer/composer, he has set the stage for himself as a socially conscious rapper and proficient musician who has earned critical praise amongst his peers and across Canada.

Being influenced by so many different genres, musicians and artists, Thyme prides himself of blending Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, and Jazz into his craft. His songwriting and well-crafted verses speak to the experiences we all go through, making it easily accessible and universal. He looks to the iconic influential musicians like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Miles Davis, to be inspired to push boundaries and make music that will stand the test of time.

For this track, Thyme teamed up with Vancouver based, Grammy and Juno nominated keyboardist/producer Jonny Tobin. Over the last few years Jonny Tobin has established himself as one of the most sought after producers in Canada, working with artists such as D-Smoke (LA), Sarah Kang (NYC), and Jonny Burgos. With their two talents combined, “Exaltation” feels like as much a promise from the rising star to outdo himself as it does declare him a presence of evolving R&B music.

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Qeeran – GIVE AND TAKE [Review]

Is all about give and take, huh?
Qeeran’s latest single, “Give and Take,” is the final release before his upcoming debut album, “In Retrospect,” which is scheduled to come out on April 17. The song features pleasant and inviting key chords that establish the mood right from the beginning while the drum beat is fresh and organic. The skilled and sensual vocal performance is the driving force behind the track, complemented by harmony rich and nicely manipulated back vocals and vocal chops. The production, as a whole, creates a dreamy and atmospheric vibe, with the added guitar providing an additional organic layer. The song’s theme delves into the concept of unevenness and unfairness in a relationship, conveying the exasperation of providing too much to someone who may not be worthy of it.It narrates a genuine tale of desiring mutual exchange, sensing unloved and bitter because of insufficient reciprocation, ultimately resulting in the decline of profound emotions. For the best experience,we recommend listening to the song during your personal “me” time, particularly in the late hours of the day.

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Ceyeo – Lost [Review]

Ceyeo, a Chicago-based artist, has made a return with his latest single, “Lost.” This moving track touches into the long-lasting trauma that war can inflict on individuals, with the lyrics being told from the perspective of a couple attempting to mend their relationship after one of them returns home from hard reality which involves long hours of physical and mental strain, limited resources and exposure to extreme weather conditions. Despite its heavy subject matter, the song maintains a positive and uplifting tone, bolstered by the soothing female background vocals that lend a chilled-out vibe to the piece. The production quality is High-quality, with a clean, polished sound and an R&B-infused beat that feels both familiar and fresh, giving the track an old-school feel. The organic sounds scattered throughout the arrangement add warmth and texture. Ceyeo’s first album, “Machine Learning,” has already amassed over 2.5 million streams across 100 countries. The artist’s second album, “Baby I Care,” is set to release in stages, starting in January 2023, with the full album dropping in August of the same year. Enjoy below!

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Dorian – 33 [Review]

“33” is a solid 7-track project crafted by the talented artist, Dorian, which includes 3 original tracks alongside their acapella versions, as well as the acapella version of “Reign Love”. The EP kicks off with the upbeat and euphoric “Do Ya”, which seamlessly blends elements of euro dance and trance music with rich vocals that are brimming with improvisational character. One of the standout moments of this track is the key change that occurs around the 3rd minute, which adds an extra layer of intrigue to the already danceable sound. 

Moving on to “Blast Off”, Dorian showcases his versatility by infusing the energetic groove with vibrant drill elements, without sacrificing the pop sensibility that runs through the EP. As with the previous track, the vocals take center stage and are delivered with epic flair.

“Notice Me” provides a refreshing change of pace as the most mellow track on the EP. The song features a rich dynamic range, with R&B infused verses that give way to a more pop rock-oriented ballad during the chorus.

Lastly, the acapella versions of each track serve as an invitation for producers to create their own unique remixes. So, if you’re a producer on the hunt for inspiration, give these tracks a listen and who knows, you may just find what you’ve been searching for!

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Steve N’ Chris – Remix Kings vol.1 [Review]

Steve N’ Chris latest mixtape, REMIX KINGS features remixes of popular tracks by artists such as DJ Khaled, Babyface, Lil Baby, Tems, Diddy, Ella Mai, and Metro Boomin. The mixtape includes eight tracks that highlight the duo’s talent for reimagining existing songs and creating something fresh and original. Their music features a blend of cool and sensual vocal deliveries, rap flows, and classic trap-oriented elements and R&B arrangements reflecting their Trinidadian legacy, which is intertwined with their Brooklyn identity, giving their sound a distinct flavour. The mixtape’s notable feature is its diverse range of tracks, with each song offering a distinct atmosphere that collectively creates a unified and enjoyable listening experience. The majority of the tracks have a positive and energising vibe that will get you excited and hyped.

Steve N’ Chris comprises Steven Hall and Chris Lord, who are brothers with a 20-year spanning musical career.The mixtape is released under the label Under the Roof of Crown Luv Entertainment, and it is undoubtedly a hit. A must-listen for fans of hip-hop, R&B, and trap music, who are looking for fresh and exciting sounds.

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Red Skies Mourning – A Beautiful Mess [Review]

With the release of A Beautiful Mess, solo artist Red Skies Mourning showcases a remarkable ability to seamlessly blend different genres. The track is a mix of hip hop and strong R&B influences, with moments of romanticism that create a very pleasurable listening experience. A classic hip hop beat with a nice sub bass drives the rhythm, while a chord progression containing four pop-inspired chords adds a catchy quality to the track. The vocal delivery is emotive and enhanced with nice melodic elements, and the keys in the arrangement offer a warm texture that complements the overall vibe of the song. “A Beautiful Mess” is a nice example of Red Skies Mourning’s talent and musical versatility. Be sure to explore the artist’s back catalogue for more urban sounds. Stream below and enjoy!

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Danny B The AirHead – Genius [Review]

Let the beat take control. Danny B The AirHead, a 26-year-old artist and producer, is presenting a fusion of UK Rap and Afropop with Dancehall elements in his latest release, Genius. The beat relies on a consistent piano loop that provides an uplifting and old-school vibe from beginning to end.  This song’s lively beat and intriguing rhythm will transport you to a Caribbean block party or an African celebration, where you can dance the night away. The melodic flow is well-crafted and undoubtedly infectious, making it a certified dance hit. Unleash your inner genius. Enjoy below!

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Arxion – Essence [Review]

Arxion’s latest album “Essence” is a 12-track collection that runs for almost an hour. It showcases a strong influence from 80’s pop/rock and 90’s R&B/dance, with retro infused sounds, classic synth bass lines, and legendary drum machine beats that hark back to those eras. The chord progressions may be simple, but they are effective in conveying the album’s power and feel-good factor, which can transport you back in time and evoke fond memories. In fact, the album’s upbeat tempo and infectious rhythms might just inspire you to bust out those 80’s dance moves that you’ve always been hesitant to do in public. However, the album also has some poignant ballad moments that will appeal to those looking for more romantic fare. Enjoy below!

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Ty Brasel – TRANSCENDENT [Review]

Ty Brasel’s “TRANSCENDENT” is a hip-hop oriented album with a distinct blend of R&B and pop elements. The album is characterised by nicely manipulated autotuned flow and uplifting vibes creating a sense of joy and inspiration throughout the tracks. One of the standout features of TRANSCENDENT is the interesting blend of trap-infused beats with futuristic synth arpeggios and dreamy synth sounds. These moments provide a unique listening experience and add to the album’s overall appeal. A slick and polished project which is a very good example of how to incorporate different genres and sounds to create a cohesive work while its versatility allows it to be enjoyed in a variety of settings, from a cozy night in to a lively party. Listen below!

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