Soundaze – phone me / [Interview]

  • Please Introduce yourself

Hello we’re ‘Soundaze’, an alternative experimental hip hop band based in Los Angeles California. Made up of three members, two vocalists (Daywu Xin and Love, Pax) and a producer (Redbeard). From Los Angeles to Toronto. We consistently collaborate with a flurry of artists in our creative family/network too. A wide net family of visual artists, musicians, designers and directors that we hold close. 

  • Describe your sound in 3 words

Eclectic, Emotive, Vibey

  • Favourite rapper, lyricist and producer

Love, Pax:

My favorite rapper of all time is Murs. I love the way he’s able to weave such incredible storytelling into his verses, like a paintbrush on canvas, you can really “see” what he’s saying on the song. My favorite lyricist has gotta be DayWu though. One of the main reasons I wanted to start writing songs with him. And you can probably guess my personal favorite producer based on that too – Redbeard. I really like Greaf as a producer though as well.


Favourite rapper, lyricist and producer

-Gotta say Murs as well, grew up listening to him with pax. Rip mac miller as well. Lots of producers come to mind, but jake one has gotta be one of my favorites. 

DayWu Xin:

So many favorite mc’s but my go to answer is Nas. The elegance and brilliance in his rhyme schemes and his profound sense of clarity on the world’s issues. That mastery of social psychology is something that I strive to present in my work. Lyrically gotta throw love back at Love, Pax. There’s an education, cleverness and intelligence in his words that conjures up some serious original ideas. My list can go on but we only have so much time. Producer I love Kaytranada. Fellow Canadian but masterful in his range and I simply just get inspired by his instrumentation. Part of why I got back into music. 

  • Best Hip Hop album ever

Love, Pax: 

This is obviously one of the hardest questions ever to even attempt to answer, and truthfully I don’t have a favorite. I don’t want to cop out though so I’m gonna go with “The Infamous” by Mobb Deep. It was the first album that I learned the lyrics to front to back. 


Tough to choose, gonna go with stankonia by Outkast. The black album by Jay Z was one of the first albums my mom ever bought me so that ones high on my list.

DayWu Xin: 

Favorite hip hop album is Illmatic by Nas

  • Top Hidden Gem Artist

Love, Pax: Right now that’s between two female MC’s that I really love, Wynne and Biig Piig

Redbeard: Soundaze I think his name is, check that guy out.

Daywu Xin: There’s a mellow rock band based in Autralia called MTNS and they make great chill music. And those guys over at Soundaze are putting their hearts into some of the best music out there.

  • Future plans

We are dropping a 16 track project called ‘Love, Vote & Mutiny’ at the end of the month. Videos are also dropping. We plan to keep getting our music out there. A couple of us dabble in film and television too and we’ve got some exciting new movies and tv show appearances coming out. 

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