Blaze Trackz – Gang Gang [Interview]

  • Please Introduce yourself

My name is David Jordan Larkins. A lot of my friends call me Davi Jordan, and musically, I go by Blaze Trackz. I am a hip hop artist, composer, producer and engineer. I was raised in Newburgh, NY (a suburb outside of NYC), and currently reside in North Hollywood, California. I have had a hell of a life, and could talk about it for hours. Some good, some bad, but it has all helped me to find myself, and a path of living and thinking that I endorse and try to spread through the music I do. I consider the music that I do as “Virtue Rap”- a style that pushes forth support of fellow man, mutual respect, and a sense of responsibility in the community and household. Also, it has a turn toward fiscal awareness and responsibility. A brief of my life with highlights is that I dealt heavily in illegal activities at one point, have been married and divorced, have been homeless for a set of time, achieved a bachelor’s degree from a major university, and have found the Lord Jesus Christ and love in my current relationship with my fiance, Whitney. Wow. Listing that off was a journey for me in itself. Nonetheless, a lot has happened and I’m proud to say that it has helped me grow as a man. I try to push the idea of love and growth in my music.

  • Describe your sound in 3 words

Three words to describe my sound are altruistic, poetic, and analytical.

Altruistic because, at the core of the music I do, I do put forward care about how I can affect those who listen to my music. Lyrically, I enter the songwriting process asking questions of who my audience is, what their needs are, and how I can relate. Music is a conversation, so without a 2 way street, there isn’t much connection.

Poetic because I love words. Finding the right ones to express the right thing, in the most concise manner. Sometimes I can be long-winded, so maybe cogency is not the strong point for me, but my aim is to cut through. Metaphors that nurture relatability are important for me.

Analytical because I am a producer and composer, too. I enter the engineering side of things thinking about tempo, tone, and mood so I can give my fans the best experience possible when listening. I have an upcoming record, FAITH. “Gang Gang” is a cut off of that project. I hope listeners can hear the story that I am trying to tell and how I intertwine the music together to try by best to draw on big picture.

  • Favourite rapper, lyricist and producer

Favorites are difficult, because art is so subjective. When naming a favorite, what can I base things on? As a rapper, if I base it off of passion, Tupac Shukar. but if I base it off of overall longevity and success, Jay-Z. Last, if I base it off of lyricism, I’d have to go with J. Cole. But there are so many great artists out there, I could go on for days on my influences and why each one is amazing. My favorite producer is Timbaland. He has always broken the mold, and I am very influenced by his sound when I produce.

  • Best Hip Hop album ever

For me, the best Hip Hop album ever is “Get Rich Or Die Trying”, by 50 Cent. The cohesivity of that project is breathtaking.

  • Top Hidden Gem Artist

One artist I love to listen to, a newer artist, is Reason off of the TDE imprint. That would be a Hidden Gem Artist, for sure. Lyrically, he’s dope. If you haven’t taken a listen, I would recommend,100%. That’s for rap. As a producer, and for any composers out there, if you make beats or sample or anything, listen to Labi Saffre, Donny Hathaway, and anything under the Jazz music genre. I promise it will add to your sound immensely.

  • Future plans

After releasing the “Gang Gang” record (dropping 11/1/20), which is sort of a commentary on the socioeconomic environment we live in today, I am planning on releasing my new record, “FAITH: For Anyone Interested To Hear”. Working through this now, but most of it is done. “FAITH” is around 14 tracks, not sure if it will stay that way, but it is fully produced, written and recorded by me. This project is and speaks to a slew of topics including personal relationships and how to navigate through insecurity and grow. It also speaks to my actual faith in Christianity, values as a man, and transformation into a more mature mindset. The content I would say is a bit conscious, but this is not a traditionally conscious rap record as the composition and feel is more mainstream.

I hope that following the entire COVID pandemic, when that is all over, I can get in some solid performances. I just really want my music to reach as many people as possible, so that is the goal. Pushing hard on connecting with my people via social media in the meantime, IG, Twitter, TikTok, all of it. Just trying to continue to connect and help others through their lives with my art.

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