Alvinos Zavlis – Alvinos Vs Lofi [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Experimental, dreamy, spacey

Tell us a few things about your new EP ‘Alvinos vs Lofi’.

My new EP is completely different from my previous releases. In 2020 I started experimenting with Lofi music, a genre that I always enjoyed listening to but never
really found joy in producing. I tried to create Lofi music that fits my personal style and uses characteristics of IDM, cinematic music and ambient. I think the
end result is a collection of unique and fresh-sounding songs when placed in the context of this genre.

Which song of the EP is your favorite?

This is a hard one! I love all of them and while people seem to connect to “The day we met” a lot, “Neverland” is the one that stands out to me, because of how
long it took me to put together and all the different things I got to do harmonically in it.

Is realistically your type of music a genre that can be performed live?

I’d say yes, definitely. There’s so much technology to support electronic artists nowadays that I think almost any genre can be performed live. Just give me an
Ableton Push, a couple of my synthesizers, a big monitor for my visuals and you’ll have a hell of a show!

Cypriot based in the UK. What do you love and what do you hate in each place?

I had to leave Cyprus in order to pursue music, so that is the thing I hate most about it. There’s just not an industry to support electronic music yet, although
I wish to help change that in the future. The weather and food are the things I love most about Cyprus. And in England, I love how alive and multicultural everything
is, especially London and Bristol, where I’m currently based. Ironically, the weather and food are the things I hate most!

What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?

Definitely Uncut Gems or Guns Akimbo! Great films, both so tense in their own way from start to finish.

Any future plans?

I’m currently working on an audiovisual reimagining of Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ which will be released early in 2021, and is also the first video I ever
directed. I’m also working closely with my main artist Youngsmart, we are planning on releasing his debut album in the summer, produced and mixed by me. Finally,
I plan on releasing another project before the year ends, hopefully it will build on the Lofi inspired sound of “Alvinos vs Lofi”.

Thank you!

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