Man Of Met – Pac Poster (prod. Pharoahe Rocher) [Interview]

  • Describe your sound in 3 words

Dense, gritty, unpolished

  • Tell us a few things about your new work Pac Poster.

The title comes from a 2pac poster I used to have in my room when I was a kid, as mentioned in the song. The song itself is sort of about comparing yourself to contemporaries and legends in a field, and the exasperation those comparisons can lead to. I had originally written the verse to a much softer piano beat, but it didn’t really fit. While assembling this project with the work of Pharoahe Rocher, I realized one of the beats he gave me was a perfect fit for the verse.

  • Favourite rapper, lyricist and producer?

Nas is my favorite rapper. The whole ‘favorite lyricist’ thing is always dependent on mood, so I’ll say THESE DAYS it’s probably Roc Marciano. Favorite producer, it’s the same thing. Dependent on mood. Right now, I’m really feeling Hudson Mohawke.

  • What does hip hop symbolize in your opinion?

Hip-hop in my opinion symbolizes the working class, the underdog, the oppressed. It’s the music of people told they didn’t deserve anything more than what their rulers had allowed for them. I think that also plays a lot into why hip-hop has such a preoccupation with authenticity.

  • Very cool artwork. Who is the brain behind it?

If we wanna get technical, the REAL brain behind the cover was Ron Lim, the legendary penciller behind many classic Marvel stories, including Thanos Quest. I shamelessly co-opted the imagery of The Gardener’s death from that story. Its personal significance and relevance to this project, especially to songs like Snowflake, should be apparent to anyone familiar with the source material. I relayed the idea to zonekidd, a very talented graphic designer I met through Instagram, and they provided the finished product.

  • What would you change in the music industry?

Introduce more diversity in messaging. The problem isn’t that there are songs about bitches and drugs on the radio, the problem is that there’s virtually ONLY songs about bitches and drugs on the radio.

Bigger picture, I would work to repeal the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

  • Future plans?

Flowers By Force at the end of March, More Vibe Than Voice at the end of April, and a half dozen other projects throughout the year.

  • Thank you!

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