Luccii – Beam Me Up [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Vibey, Eclectic, Focused.

How many beats do you listen to before you end up using one? Tell us a few things about your creative process.

I usually make all my own beats so my process really depends on where I’m starting with the song. Like for this song I started off thinking about some old Kanye beats, found the samples I wanted and then was off to the races. Sometimes it’s not that simple and it can take months to craft something the way I want it to be, but usually it comes out as one big idea.

Do you like the idea of collaborating? Is songwriting a lonely process?

Songwriting for me is usually a pretty lonely process. I would say 9 times out 10 I’m just holed up in my studio working by myself, but I have collaborated some. I’ve worked with artists like Your Neighbors, Jaxxon Wynn, and Alex Jackson on past projects.

Do you think there is a true underground hip hop sound today?

I think hip hop and music in general is going through this weird phase where everything is underground and nothing is underground at the same time. Everything has influences of something else in it and with the way the internet is we can go extremely deep down the rabbit hole that is any given genre. So what is super mainstream to some people is super niche to others, but there’s not many household names coming out anymore so to put it all in one word. Both.

Is Spotify the music industry’s new Gatekeepers?

Yes. 1000%. Social media too.

What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?

I really haven’t watched a whole lot of films while I’ve been in quarantine, but I think the best new thing I’ve watched in general is Black Mirror, that show’s crazy as hell.

You’d give up making music for…

Nothing, this shit is my therapy and I don’t think there’s anything on earth that would make me want to stop creating

Thank you!

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