Horizon – tried to swim in lava [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

It’s so hard to pick just a few words to describe my entire sound, but I will try my best! To answer the question, I would have to say the three words to describe my sound would be “Underground ambient rap”.

Tell us a few things about your new work “Tried To Swim In Lava”.

So tried to swim in lava started being created as long as a year ago and as recently as a month or two before the album dropped. Originally it was going to be a collaboration EP between me and a friend of mine Shottythebeam, but quickly evolved into a full album as I got more and more invested. The album has an overarching theme of loss, heartbreak, and cycles of relationships. The songs themselves though also have their own meaning and work as standalone pieces, and that was really my entire intention. To create something that could be great on its own and every piece of it be just as great!

Which song of the album reflects you the most?

I honestly think every song on this project shows a part of me or describes who I am as a person, I can honestly only narrow it down to three at the least because they’re specifically personal to me, those would be Sunshine, A Concrete Jungle in Flames, and Obituary. These three songs were all written for specific times, emotions, and states of mind personal to me and my life.

Artists and people who have influenced and inspired you?

This question is also hard because there are so many people who’ve influenced me, as well as my art, I’ll name a couple of big ones though just so that this response doesn’t go on forever. A lot of the main influences on tried to swim in lava came from artists like Joji, Bo Burnham, lil peep, and Gorillaz. On the other hand I also produce my own music, with the exception of some of the songs in this album that were made by Shottythebeam, and my favorite and most influential producers would have to be KennyBeats, Damien Albarn, Tyler Joseph, and Smokeasac.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an artist so far?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced in my artistic life so far has to be trying to get exposure and finding the funds for all the equipment it takes to produce, record, mix, and master my music. I started out only using GarageBand on my phone with headphone speakers to record on and since then have gained real recording equipment, midi controllers, Logic Pro, and other equipment that helps my music become what it is. I’m so fortunate to have what I do and I never let a day go by where I’m not thankful for it. I’m sure anyone can imagine what the struggle trying to get exposure is like, but there’s something about putting out a song or work of art that you put so much effort into and not seeing it do as well as you know it deserves to, it just hits hard. That’s the life of a small artist though and it’s helped me to push through my self doubt and keep doing what I love.

In which state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

I hope that people can listen to my music in a ton of different states of mind! I try to diversify my music to the point where if someone isn’t feeling one song they can go to another and find their vibe there! For example Sunshine is a super upbeat, summery track written to express love and happiness, on the other hand we have Ben drowned which is a dark, ambient song with lyrics about being broken and not getting the treatment you deserve.

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

Oh gosh, I’ve definitely gotten into a decent amount of trouble in the time I’ve been alive, but that was all years ago! There was one occasion that comes to mind though where around thanksgiving me and some friends at the time drove an hour away from home to a different town to meet up with someone and sufficed to say it didn’t turn out very well. We ended up running from the police and we all had to be picked up from our parents at the police station that night. I was also on probation at the time so my PO was NOT happy about that incident!

Thank you!

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