Spence Paull – Crush [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Fresh, genre-crossing, groovy.

Tell us a few things about your new song “Crush”. What is the story behind it?

You know what having a crush on someone ~feels~ like? I wanted this song to what having a crush on someone ~sounds~. Giddiness, warm butterflies, uncontrollable smiling…I think all of these elements are mirrored in the production and writing of “Crush”.

The story behind it is a bit cheeky, to be honest: there was a coworker that I developed a bit of a crush on. We continued this harmless little flirtation for so long that I thought, “what if I just told them that I had a crush on them? Would it ruin our friendship? Would they like the idea, and entertain it?”. Naturally, I had to write a song about it, and thus, “Crush” was born!

What first got you into music?

Fun fact: I was tone deaf until age eight. Like, could not hold a pitch, nails on a chalkboard tone…not cute. When my grandmother (the only musician in the family) suddenly passed away, I could sing…Spooky, eh? I say that because while I’ve always been drawn to the arts, my first love was acting, not music. Though, since discovering my voice at age eight, music has been my mistress…and we have a love affair for the ages.

Artists and people who have influenced and inspired you?

It’s perhaps a bit cliché to say I draw inspiration from all artists, but it’s true! I find inspiration in all genres, styles, time periods – you name it. That said, if I had to pick a top three, they would be Quincy Jones, Taylor Swift, and Michael Bublé. Quincy brings a level of production mastery few can rival, creating a timelessness to every artist’s record he works on; Taylor has a way of capturing and expressing the human experience unlike any other songwriter to date; and Michael (a fellow Vancouverite) has seamlessly placed jazz and big band arrangements on the pop tracks, which is no easy feat!

Crush has a lovely groove. Tell us a song with a groove you wish you had composed yourself.

Funny you should ask because I have entire inspiration playlists dedicated to the tracks I produce for this exact reason: finding tracks that sit in the same place in my body as the one I’m making! Some key artists I turned to for inspiration for “Crush” were ABBA, Dua Lipa, and Lizzo. That said, if I had to pick a groovy song I wish I composed, it would have to be “Radio Gaga” (Queen).

In which state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

In general, I want people to feel transported when they listen to my music. Transported to where, though…that is for everyone to discover themselves! For “Crush”, however, I hope people have grins from ear to ear, and are addicted to that happy feeling so much that they want to listen again, and again, and again.

What would you say is your biggest vice?

Chocolate. Need I say more?

Thank you!

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