Periscopi Invertit – El Poder Del Cant [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Groovy Mediterranean Jazz

Tell us a few things about your new work El Poder Del Cant.

Extra information about “El poder del cant ” song:

The first time I heard this song it was sung by a choir and it really captivated me the beauty of this melody. I really liked the song and I decided to create my own original arrangement giving to it a more groovy flavour transforming it into a latin song. Later on, when I decided to start my band, due that i wasn’t finding the guitar player I needed, I looked for alternative solutions and decided to call an Oud player that I saw in a jam session. He liked my music and, as I was looking for a darbuka, he advised me to introduce one of his friends. We started putting together all my songs and “El Poder del Cant” was one of the songs that we were enjoying more while performing it, so people was having fun dancing.

In this track I’m actually mixing music different styles. The melody and lyrics belong to a Catalan folk song (El Poder del Cant) written a few centuries ago by an anonymous writer. To create the accompaniment I took as a reference the Catalan rumba (Gato Perez, Peret) songwriters, but instead of using the flamenco palmas that you can easily hear in most Catalan rumba songs, I added the Algerian players Yaz Fentazi on oud and Karim Dellali on the darbuka. Last minute, a friend who plays Steel pan offered himself to record some of the accompaniment for this song. I thought that it would be an interesting addition.

Catalan Rumba is normally played by Catalan gypsies, they mix Cuban latin grooves with flamenco + the lyrics that can be either in Catalan or Spanish.

I would say that it is my own way to play a Catalan Rumba. So the gypsies create their own lyrics instead of using Catalan folk melodies

I forgot to mention the singer….when we started the band there was no singer, so we started to put together the songs as a four piece band (bass, keyboard, darbuka and oud), but at the end, as most of the Catalan folk melodies have lyrics, we decided to introduce the singer Laura Guarch in the band and her voice helped to greatly improve the sound of the track.

Information about the band:

You can check out the facebook page

That’s one of my last posts I did that explains about the band

I’ve been posting from time to time about “Periscopi Invertit” band. For the ones who don’t know, “Periscopi Invertit” it’s a musical project that I started a few years ago, after finishing my music studies. I always been curious about mixing music from different styles and periods of time, and I always had the need to don’t lose the connection with my background. I’m originally from Barcelona, I’m Catalan and it makes me feel connected with my roots to create music using my cultural background as a reference.
The first band I put together under the name “Periscopi Invertit” was based in Barcelona and we were just covering songs from other artists that were mixing their folk music with jazz. This band didn’t last much, because just after a few months of creating it, I moved to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, I decided to just use Catalan folk songs and create original arrangements, mixing the songs with funk/latin or jazz styles, but again, after a while I moved country and landed in London.
After a while living in London I restarted the band, we build up a couple of 45 min sets and did some gigs. A promoter (Feferity) who saw me playing in a jam session, was interested in my music and he introduced me to a sound engineer who was up to record an album for us. I took the offer.
Finally the album is recorded and waiting for mixing and mastering.
As the pandemic seems to reach to an end, I decided to launch the first single. It will be available on Spotify and all major platforms from the 24th September.
Check it out!

What first got you into music?

The magic of the sound

What do you enjoy most? Writing music or performing your music live?

Performing live

What would you change in the music industry?

I would set up a system where the artists could get better remuneration for their online streamings

Favorite music related film?

I never thought about it!

One last thing we should know about you?

I love to mix music styles from different backgrounds and periods of time

Thank you!

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