Christopher George – All The Way For The Win [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Fun, Funky, Feel-good

Tell us a few things about your song “All the way for the win” What is the story behind it?

“All the way for the win” was born out of my cheesy but funky listening tastes. I’m a brass player and love anything funky with horns in. Lyrically, the song idea came from my wife looking through old Facebook photos of me and pointing out all the women who looked interested in me but I was completely oblivious. It evolved then into the idea of a guy having to realise that this woman is really into him and could be the one so don’t miss the chance!

For which lyric are you most proud of?

I’ve always been more about the music and letting that tell the story so lyrics don’t come naturally to me. I love the idea of metaphor though and so the lyric “Her cards are on the table and she won’t fold” has to be a favourite. The idea that she’s laying it all on the line for you no matter what, I think is powerful.

Your dream collaboration?

I could go on forever about the endless list of people I would love to collaborate, there are so many but if I narrow it down to my top 3 it would be Quincy Jones, Bruno Mars and Cody Fry. Quincy because the man has decades of experience. He has had his hands in some of the most iconic records of all time, it would be a humbling experience to work with him. Bruno Mars is the new Michael Jackson and his shows are so meticulously well thought out. The guy is dripping with talent! Finally, my choice of Cody Fry is a lesser known one but the man has an incredible gift for arranging and writing, particularly orchestration. You only have to listen to his cover of Eleanor Rigby to hear how exciting his work can be!

Your also have lovely Grooves. Tell us a song with a groove you wish you had composed yourself.

Again, that’s a really tough question because there are so many incredible artists out there that I’m constantly being humbled by. I think a particularly unique and enduring song though that stands out for being iconic in recent years for me would be ‘Get lucky’. Nile Rogers’ guitar groove is so funky and it just gets you wanting to move as soon as you hear it!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be confident and patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and challenges will constantly present themselves. They’re not a sign to give up but to work harder.

When was the last time you danced?

I dance all the time. I have to with work but also I have two small children so we’re constantly dancing. It’s a requirement in our house!

Thank you!

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