Joe Radio – Are We There Yet [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Old-School, Alternative, Relatable

Tell us a few things about your new song “Are We There Yet”. What is the main idea behind it?

As I started to put out more music, I noticed that people began to expect more from me…asking about the next track, the next campaign, the next pitch etc etc. “Are We There Yet” is a response to all of those questions – how can we know if we’re there yet, if we don’t know where we’re heading! This track was also my first international feature – US Rapper Mark Battles reached out after hearing my music, so I sent him this beat and he recorded a dope verse for me!

What is the main topic of your lyrics?

The topic changes based on what’s going on around me at the time…something will inspire me and I’ll just start writing bars on my phone! I think it’s so important to write about something that means something to you, authenticity is what helps your music to feel real and connect with your fans.

Favourite rapper, lyricist and producer?

Favourite rapper will always be Mac Miller, he was a big inspiration for what I’m doing right now and I probably listen to his music every day. Early 2000’s Eminem is definitely my favourite lyricist – his ability to tell stories through his music is crazy to me. For a producer, I’m going to go with Benny Blanco…mostly based on what an interesting guy he is behind the scenes!

What does hip hop symbolize in your opinion?

To me, Hip-Hop is a way for anyone to express themselves creatively. It’s such a dope thing to take a recent experience, your thoughts and feelings or whatever else inspires you to write – and just throw it all onto a beat for people to hear!

What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?

Great question…I loved ‘The Guilty’ with Jake Gyllenhaal. Heavily recommend if you’re into psychological thrillers

One last thing we should know about you?

I started making music at the beginning of 2021 and I think this was my 10th project…but I’ve got a lot more to say, so go follow Joe Radio on Spotify and @joeradioraps on Instagram to see what’s coming next!

Thank you!

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