Orca – Your Home [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Melodic, unique, improving.

How many beats do you listen to before you end up using one? Tell us a few things about your creative process and your song “Your Home.”

When it comes to how many beats I listen to. I usually do not count because it is always different; sometimes, the feeling and connection come with the first beat I listen to; other times, I connect with the second or the third. But one thing is for certain I don’t sit down and listen to 10+ beats to choose one of them. The number is between 1-I work with a producer named FlipTunesMusic, and I’m a member of his subscription program where he sends the beats he produces per/month so. For example, he produced six beats in November, so I will be getting them all along with an unlimited license for me to use. Let us talk about my creative process; I’m a visual-impaired artist. I write my own lyrics, record my own vocals in my home studio, do some basic mixing, and develop ideas for my artwork. It all starts with me visualizing what I want to do before stepping behind the mic. So when I sit down to write the lyrics, I start visualizing myself recording the vocals and applying FX on them like delay reverb, stutters, Beat drops, flangers, Risers, and all the good stuff. Once I feel that everything is falling into place, I step behind the mic and start recording, applying all I can when it comes to mixing. Don’t forget I’m visually impaired, so I’ll always need the touch and guidance of an engineer in the final product. As soon as I finish recording and applying all I can, I send the rough mix to an amazing and talented engineer that I work with that goes by the name Larry Ohh! With the rough mix, a blueprint contains all the notes and instructions of what I want to be done in that specific mix; while all of this is going on, my designer also receives a blueprint that includes the exact specifications for the artwork.
Your home is my latest release and has a special place in my heart. Whenever I record a song, I make sure that it touches a specific audience since I promote myself as a visual-impaired artist who creates a catalog that includes 400% love, 400% romance, and 200% of all that Is between. So my vision is to create something that speaks to everyone and awakens the need to connect with whatever they are listening to. Your home talks about the fact that no relationship is 100% perfect; thus, people shouldn’t be afraid of problems within their relationships because hope is always present to correct whatever mistakes that our partners or we make no matter how destructive they are, there is always a chance to bounce back and start over, Light always awaits us at the end of the tunnel. Most of the time, problems can make us stronger since we’ll be learning new things about our other half. The idea spills into the artwork and not only the song itself. If you pay close attention to the artwork, there are light blue and dark blue. The light blue represents our home’s typical environment, while the dark blue represents an entirely different world that we don’t know anything about. Also, there are two orcas; the one with the headset represents me, while the other one is my partner. You’ll notice that the orca with the headset is drawn to be smaller than the other one; the idea behind this is to show the distance between us, while the close-up on the other orca signifies the speed of her slipping away and never looking back. Yet the other orca doesn’t step into the new world, and it stops in the last second, symbolizing that there is always hope to fix whatever is broken. There is always the possibility to sit down and talk. All can be fixed if we’re willing to make an effort, no matter how dire the situation.

For which lyric are you most proud of?

I’m proud of all my lyrics. When I first started writing, I began as a poet and novel writer, but in January 2021, I transitioned to songwriting. My work still needs improving, and there is always room for development, so we’ll see what happens in my future releases.

Favourite rapper, lyricist, and producer?

Personally, my favorites are T-pain Lil Wayne, Chris brown D.Brown Raven justice Flo Rida Jason Derulo Timbaland, and the list goes on.

What does hip hop symbolize, in your opinion?

Hip Hop is a form of music that allows me to express myself and also allows me to connect with more people. My goal is to stand out among the crowd and do something unique, so whenever people listen to it, they immediately know that it is orca behind the mic and hip hop gives me this opportunity to go out there and do what I love the most to me Hip Hop is the friend that will never betray me and will always stay by my side no matter what
What is the best advice you’ve been given?

When it comes to music, the advice I was given is to stay away from it. I’m from Jerusalem, and English isn’t my mother tongue, so the audience that listens to the type of music I create is pretty small, but this doesn’t mean that I should give up. Instead, I keep pushing and moving forward until I can finally create the movement that I’m always dreaming about, A movement where people can enjoy what I make and will help me create more music. So if it comes down to me and what advice I should give to other artists: never give up, keep on going because all of us can do it, and make our musical dreams come true.

One last thing we should know about you?

Of course, it is crucial to point out that I’m, as mentioned above, a visually-impaired artist. I suffer from two sight conditions, and I only see with one eye with less than 20%. I write my own lyrics, record my own vocals and come up with ideas for my artwork designs. I also run my own website and do the advertising as well. All this is very time-consuming and burns out whatever sight I have left, so I wish people could support me and help me focus on creating music because we all know that music cannot become known unless it spreads first. An artist without people backing them up isn’t destined to succeed in this industry, so my only hope is to build the movement of those who’ll enjoy what I create and are always ready to come back for more people than I can connect with and know more about what I want to make isn’t something temporary or one-sided I want to reach out to all of you and be able to grow with you as I go.

Thank you!

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