ET – Savage [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Genuine, Kind, & Passionate

Tell us a few things about your new song Savage. What is the main idea behind it?

This song is pretty unlike anything I’ve ever written… I don’t usually do songs where I’m stating things like “I rap the meanest and hit the cleanest.” This song was written and recorded probably like two years ago but I kept it because there are moments where I feel really good about something musically I’ve done so I want to talk my shit. I don’t do it often but when I do it’s a really fun thing to create.

For which lyric you are most proud of?

The bar I like the most is definitely “I’m a bull no secret, bars I’ve exceed” and it’s first few lines for a reason. From the very beginning people have opinions especially when it comes to music and wanting to pursue it as a career. A lot of people maybe even family are going to ask you if this is really what you want to do with your life and maybe even tell you things that make you doubt yourself. Never let anyone else make you feel you are incapable because more often than not, you will exceed things even you didn’t thing you could surpass. I’ve done a lot of growing these past few years and see tremendous progress in the way I create, the quality of the production, & the way I vision my music career in the future. I will continuously break the barriers they say I can’t.

Do you think there is a true underground hip hop sound today?

Honestly, I don’t think there is one particular underground hip hop sound. There are so many artists who bring their own unique sound to the table and sure some sound similar but there’s still a hand full of musicians who are becoming masters of their craft. So many people sleep on the underground.

What does hip hop symbolize in your opinion?

Hip-hop culture is something that has inspired me from a young age. To express your opinions and emotions in your music and in your own way to share to the world is an amazing thing. To have the ability to write something I’m feeling and create something that another person can relate and possibly even feel seen from is the greatest thing in the world.

When not writing music, how do you spend your time?

When I’m not doing music I am most likely working my day job. I have a full-time job where at the moment I’m working about 50-55 hours a week so it can be really difficult to create music and market releases at the same time.

What would you say is your biggest vice?

I think my biggest vice is just being impatient and frustrated when things don’t go according to plan. There’s definitely a struggle sometimes within myself where I almost have to check myself for feeling like I should be further than where I’m at and I should be putting more hours in musically even though I work so much. Getting flustered when things don’t go accordingly probably also comes from working a lot so my time is super important to me. It’s a continuous struggle but I’m learning to deal with it as I go.

Thank you!

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