Onbar – GOOD [Interview]

Good has a vivid feel good factor and will put the listener in a great mood. Tell us a few things about it.

It definitely has those vibes! I think what helped was the fact that it was made in San Diego, CA. Beach vibes and perfect weather birth this track!

You finished the song in just two days. We were wondering, what is your creative process like?

When I landed in the studio, I had a chord progression I came up with the day prior. I think what made the creative process so smooth and fast was due to how open I was to the ideas being introduced. Working with others helped me come up with new ideas!

For which lyric you are most proud of?

“I’m not playin’ around, I’ll make you feel GOOD!”

What do you enjoy most? Writing music or performing your music live?

I think I enjoy both equally. With writing, I get this rush when I come up with dope melodies and lyrics to go with it. With performing, I am moving and singing in a way that’s natural.

What would you change in the music industry?

I want to inspire people to be themselves and create the music they want to create. I know what it feels like to not be validated for my sound, so I hope I can encourage people to grasp their deserved validation.

In which state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

It can range from chill to heart broken hours.

When was the last time you danced?

The last time I performed my music 🙂

Thank you!

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