Proklaim – JESTER/ MOONLIGHT [Interview]

Tell us a few things about Jester. What is the story behind it?

Jester was a boombap beat that I came across online and liked it instantly for its high energy feel that reminded me of early 2000s hiphop club bangers. I purchased it online and got to writing to it. As usual I wanted to create a song with a message. The beat reminded me of classic bangers by 90s rappers some of whom are no longer alive specifically tupc and biggie and I got to thinking of the various things that lead to their demise. What came to mind was that wrong interactions and friendships and betrayal and wrong women were causes..I wanted to communicate that and that’s how I went about writing the song. The chorus came to me pretty quick without writing it…I remembered a line from an old batman movie I saw..The Joker used to say..”have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight”…I thought it was memorable and used it.

What Makes A Record Timeless?

A timeless record requires a timeless message that remains relevant no matter what generation itsnplayed in. It also requires the right energy which is created by a perfect marriage between the music and the artists vocal on the music..that creates a feel that immediately will engage a listener even if they are not from the era the song was made in.

What first got you into music?

I’ve always liked music from the time I was a little kid. Certain songs as a kid of every genre would evoke strong feelings in me. My dad had a record collection and when they’d have parties we’d dance for the grownups. I remember loving the feeling certain songs made me feel. When I got into listening to hiphop as a at around 7 years old it really struck a chord with me for its expressiveness and ability to put so much material into a single many pictures would form in my mind listening to lyrics of so many rap was amazing to me.
I was a fan till I got to college and in my final year of college I began to try writing lyrics of my own and never stopped.

Favourite album of the past year?

My favorite album of the last year is definitely Nas’s Kings Disease ..I was impressed by his ability to rekindle that Golden Era feel of 90s hiphop classics and still sound fresh. It felt good to listen to and Nas also sounded like he’d grown as an artist his cadences were more varied and the production and overall song writing was great.

What does hip hop symbolize in your opinion?

Hip hop is the language of several generations. It has for a long time been global. It is the most powerful genre of music to me. The reason is because so much more can be said in 1 rap verse than any other type of music…therefore more can be communicated to a listener. I don’t think we have seen the maximum potential that hiphop can have in society. In truth it has potty control the world. Rappers have potential to get more power than politicians…the thing is almost none have seen that potential they can create with messages..most rappers today say nothing potent…they cant see rap can be hot and still carry a message

What advice would you give to your younger self?

My advice to my younger self would be to be sensitive to the things I find I’m inclined to..remain true to those and once I identify them be dedicated to them regardless of anyone’s opinions..Carpe diem…have routine and remember to master any craft..practice it consistently.

How do you relate to the music scene of Namibia?

I’m not a keen follower of Namibian music in general but I am aware there is definitely hiphop talent in the country. Hiphop is not the main genre in Namibia and I actually dont follow the local genres of music so wont really be able to say whats really going on in those scenes. I’m aware of talented artists in the rap community here. What I hope to see is hiphop artists from the country and overall Africa in general begin to penetrate the global market and get the respect they deserve. I do believe it is a matter of time before globak hiphop greats begin to appear from other parts of the world besides the US.

Thank you!

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