Hero Dog – Mt. Hood [Review]

Hero Dog’s latest album titled “Mt. Hood” is a beautiful collection of short pieces like a gentle rain, with each track feeling like a soft drop of water that soothes the mind and soul. The album can be categorised under the study beats umbrella, but it’s far more than just that. The organic elements that are blended in, add an extra warmth and depth to the already beautifully saturated sound, resulting in a unique and captivating sound that keeps you hooked from start to finish.One of the notable features of the album is how well the sidechain compressors are used to blend the beats with the synth pads, creating a perfect balance between the two. The beats have a lot of power and energy, which is contrasted by the dreamy and ethereal synth lines, making for a truly engaging listening experience. We highly recommend listening to the entire album to fully appreciate its creativity and depth.

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