L.Teez – Studio Blue

Signed on Hidrophonik Records since 2020, Montreal-based jazz-rap singer and songwriter L.Teez is a one-of-a-kind artist with a unique style. He is the product of different cultures, his father being from Quebec of Kabyle descent and his mother Chinese and Jamaican. He mixes sharp rap styles to create a universe of his own, between avant-garde jazz and old school hip hop, between Tyler The Creator, Flying Lotus and Pusha T.

“Waves is a song that shows my growth as an artist, both production & song writing wise. There was a lot of work that went into making it sound the way it does, big live drums triggered with heavy hip hop sounds around them.”

L.Teez crafted “I Need You” in a jam session fashion, with drums, keys and bass. Impossible to resist.

“Never Thought” is part of his new album “Studio Blue”, a real calling card of the young artist, where we can feel all his jazz, soul, funk influences, coupled with a devastating flow reminding the American pioneers of the genre…

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Emjaiye Royale – 2 AM (What That Backstage Do)

Everyday, we’re constantly met with different personalities that we find ourselves adjusting to. Our bosses/ coworkers, our family members, our friends, etc. Once you’ve stepped away from your surroundings and finally settled into your humble abode at 2 AM, what does your conversations with yourself sound like?

Emjaiye Royale’s track “2 A.M. (What That Backstage Do) discusses her everyday reality and how she decompresses by using late nights to escape.

What does your 2 AM look like?

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Peter Spacey & Skygaze Feat. Xidus Pain – The Blend

New Animation Pixel art Music Video for our 2’st single from the Collaborative E.P. between Producer/Dj – Peter Spacey & Barcelona Based Beatmaker/Producer – Skygaze, featuring UK Rapper – Xidus Pain
The E.P. combines influences of Electronica and Spacey Beats, Bass, Glitch, Organic Sounds, Downtempo, Hip Hop & Groove. The Artists first Joined forces after gaining individual achievements, played on BBC Radio, Boiler Room, DMC Championship, HBO, and working with Public Enemy.

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Recess Villains – Ciao Bella

In the midst of the catastrophe that was the Summer of 2021, Recess Villains was formed. The Los-Angeles based hip hop group consists of “goth-pop” artist Swim from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and rapper Juice Judah from High Point, North Carolina. The duo released their first single ‘Britney Spears’ in 2021. While their first single touts their international pop star aspirations, their second single ‘Ciao Bella’ confirms it. Recorded in Cervia during the duo’s first trip to Italy, ‘Ciao Bella’ is a trap rock song with glitchcore and rage rap undertones. To produce the track, the duo teamed up with Italian artist Zo Vivaldi, an acclaimed Italian songwriter who has written for prominent Italian artists such as Fedez and Dark Polo Gang. Vivaldi grew up between Milan, Shanghai, Los Angeles and Cervia and currently resides in Milan. After recording the single, the trio went to Milan to shoot the music video for it with Italian Director Davide Papadia. The track was co-produced by AMACWTHASAUCE, mixed by Vivaldi and the bourgeoning Italian Soul/R&B artist Moonet, and mastered by Grammy-nominated songwriter, producer and engineer Rob Kleiner. ‘Ciao Bella’ synthesizes the rage of missed opportunity, with the fierceness of an urgent hustle, and smooth pop melodies into a blend and energy that is distinctly Recess Villains.

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J. Adams – What Kind of Man

Singer-Songwriter and Producer J. Adams hails from historic Selma, Alabama. Currently he works out of a home studio called “Evan’s Room”, in Prattville, Alabama where he resides. His passion in music started at a young age riding in the car hearing timeless songs from the likes of Donell Jones and Joe. His musical ability in production, singing, songwriting, and engineering are all self-taught from videos, practical application, forums, and trial and error, focusing on topics of relationships and the trials of self-realization. His recording career started in 2009, in a friend’s small home studio, and his first home studio rig consisted of a dell laptop and a USB guitar hero mic, using free DAW software. Throughout the years J. Adams has focused on perfecting his craft and has been known to have a keen ear for melodies and beat selection.

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Slkrack – Hazi Life 3 (feat. Dehmo)

Coming from the Porte de La Chapelle district in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, Slkrack made his appearance on the French drill scene in early 2020 with “Gestion”. Thereafter, he will release this same year 4 other sounds including a freestyle for Mouv’ in November and notably the track “Patek” in October 2020, with the presence in the clip of several beautiful names of rap such as Georgio, Doums, Gazo, Abou tall and Hache P.

After a busy year with the project “SL500”, then the EP “Merci” and a notable appearance on the sound “La Colline” from the album of Cashmire as well as several scenes and concerts, Slkrack is not finished with the year 2021 since he continues a series of freestyle “Hazi Life” whose first two have worked well. The rapper of the 18th district of Paris puts back a layer with this ” Hazi Life #3 ” accompanied by Dehmo.

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Alvin Chris – Bug/Averse

Alvin Chris keeps teasing us with the music video of “Bug”!

The process is now launched: The promise of a striking artistic maturity, not caring about any labels: mixing rap, pop, or experimental electro, Alvin Chris is above all a complete artist and an outstanding author and composer. The well-crafted punchline, full of meaning, are flying, the melodies hit instantly, the flow is sharp.

With “Bug”, Alvin draws up a subtile and poetic satire of our consumerist society, over an electro-pop background. Without taboos, nor barrier. Just like an artist who grew up, assuming himself fully. It is Alvin Chris, and it is beautiful.

The “Alvin Season” continues.

“Averse” draws its influence from contemporary British electro and still breaks the boundaries between styles. “Being happy is knowing how to dance in the rain. That’s what I wanted to tell in this track. I particularly like the production of make a meal, who is the producer who produced half of the project and is directing it. A tasty mix of neo-soul and electronic sounds that I like.”

Harun Rune – MOSCHINO (for Vogue)

Harun Rune gives us a taste of his style and a touch of sauce, with single ‘Moschino’, the first single from his debut project GOLD. His unique & distinctive flow glides effortlessly over this RAW Composition produced by Sekko. Delivered with a clarity that allows you to take a peek into his world.

Born and raised in London, Britain Artist/Creative Harun Rune has seen much progress over the years. As well as being active in fashion appearing and performing at various events and venues including the Legendary ‘Camden Jazz Cafe’; Alongside artists such as ‘Hardy Caprio’ and ‘Klashnekoff’ he has also featured on BBC Introducing, working in various studios (such as Powerhouse and EMI studios) Recently he has been spraying independent releases as tasters for highly anticipated projects. Working with Timeless in 2021 to present collaborative works with various producers including Chicago Native ‘Bitoy Beatz’. Featured on AJBOXING (Anthony Joshua Boxing) with musical contributions. Get listening and expect more as the highly anticipated GOLD Project draws nearer place him on your websites, editorial and social media networks to unlock an exquisite audience receptive to the new waves formulating and emerging worldwide .

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ASM (A State of Mind)

ASM (A State of Mind), the international hip hop collective composed by Green T, FP, and Rhino is launching a new project in collaboration with CMR (Chinese Man Records) called “Origin & Juice” to combine their love for music, food, and natural wine.
The project comes in the form of a 6-part video and single series, in which each episode explores a different country to celebrate its natural winemakers, culinary traditions, and musical history reinterpreted in ASM’s unique ultra-lyrical boom bap style.

The culmination of the series is an EP release of the 6 tracks in digital format and in an exclusive bundle containing vinyl EP and 6 bottles of natural wine curated by ASM.

Dumplings: A hypnotic vibraphone channeled into an unapologetically straight-up hip hop context, both deep and rugged and bright and jazzed-out. Lyrically, this is for the babies, or dumplings, who are inheriting a flawed planet full of beauty and wonder.

For this episode, ASM explores the tastes and sounds of the Czech Republic with the track “Dumplings”, based on a twinkling jazz sample from Emil Viklický and SHQ. The result is a hypnotic joint with a deep and rugged groove for the next generation of humans on earth, aka the dumplings. The wine pairing comes courtesy of Bohemian natural wine king Milan Nestarec, known for his radical experimental juice, and Green-T gets busy in the kitchen with his interpretation of a traditional goulash with Carlsbad bread dumplings.

Tapass: A soulful neck-snapping Fender Rhodes jam with warm rolling sub bass, off-kilter J Dilla type drums, and a lonely rusty trumpet weaving through the tapestry. Stylistically, think A Tribe Called Quest meets D’Angelo. Lyrically, this one is dedicated to the beauty of the feminine divine, with ASM spinning food metaphors into visions of the tastiest of worldy treats.
Origin & Juice – Episode 3: ASM takes us on a journey through the sounds and tastes of Spain, centred around the soulful Dilla-esque joint “Tapass”, based on a sample from La Revolució by Spanish jazz composer Rafael Escote. The track is paired with legendary natural wines of Partida Creus from Catalunya and some tapas dishes that are fun and easy, but packed full of vibrant smoky flavors, courtesy of Green T.

Efcharisto: A dirty driving psychedelic guitar anchors this energetic and funked-out joint that will spare no neck joints this side of the Acropolis. Rhino provides the sonic playground, and FP and Green leave flame-scorched earth in their wake. Badass sure shot banger.

In this round of Origin & Juice, ASM takes on an excursion to Greece. The track at the centre of the episode is the psyched-out reinterpretation of Greek Folk classic “Karagouna” by Mimis Plessas & Orbiters, as reinterpreted by ASM into the gritty funk jam “Efcharisto”. In the bottles and glasses is the sensational juice of Ktima Ligas using indigenous Greek grape varietals and low-intervention winemaking principles. ASM accompanies the sounds and juice with classic grilled souvlaki, bright greek salad, and freshly baked fluffy pitas. The primal force of the flame lays the guiding thread.

Give a Schnitz: A melancholic and reflective jazzed-out hip hop joint with wistful horns and a recurring cut from the late great MF DOOM. FP and Green bounce back and forth painting a path from the past to the present with swaggering nonchalance. To not give a damn feels so good.

With the single Pork Belly, ASM is back in their storytelling zone, which has been a hallmark of their repertoire since The Jade Amulet. The narrative spun here is based on true events one summer evening during their high school years – A quintessential hip hop kid tale involving spray cans, bags of weed, too many beers, and a spin in Green’s first whip that ends in drama. A mystical driving bassline underwrites this deep cerebral head-nodder.

Bobby-G – Big Face Hunnids [Official Video]

Bronx-native Bobby-G has honed his craft for the better part of a decade with an unwavering passion for making music and telling his origin story. Starting his musical career at the Nuyorican Café performing spoken word at open mic nights, Bobby-G continues to find inspiration in the words of James Baldwin and hip-hop storytellers like DMX, Jay-Z, and The Notorious BIG.
“I want to be known as an artist first. Rapper second. I want to be known as someone who has a deep love for the craft and is dedicated to pushing the culture forward. My purpose in music is to identify the tangents in my life and connect them with societal issues to create a soundscape that helps people navigate through it all.”
Navigating the industry from a mindful distance while focusing on his career, Bobby-G is ready for his resurgence, and his new LP, Gawd Have Mercy, is a testament to that dedication.

“This project is for the dreamers, believers, and overachievers. It’s a love letter to a friend who passed before reaching his zenith and a way for me to connect his dream with the world. It’s for those of us who are looking for a second wind to actualize our goals. There are songs and mantras on the project that I hope will be used as reminders to help motivate anyone trying to realize their dream.
We are all in search of faith, and this doesn’t necessarily mean religion. Faith could just be finding someone close to you that you can rely on or seeing that someone else has similar experiences through their music.”
Gawd Have Mercy blends traditional and contemporary sounds in high-powered tracks throughout the first half of the project like “Big Face Hunnids,” and “Chariots of Fire.” Closing out the project with the soft, subtle tones of “Famous Nobody Pt 2.” Through seamless writing and production, this LP brings to life 13 new tracks that tell a cohesive and unique story of struggle, growth, perspective, and daydreaming.

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