dESH.DUBS – Luna Shine On

On his collaborative new single with Swiss artist Jo Elle, dESH.DUBS delivers yet another infectious sound and a critical, exhilarating message

‘Luna Shine On’ opens with a whistling that segues into a chorus of creeping basslines, soft guitar riffs and hard drum drops. It soon introduces the now-familiar toasts of the Zambian-Dutch artist, but has a special addition: the vocals of singer-songwriter Jo Elle, a former snowboarding champion. She brings a nice distinction to the song and complements the DUBSTAR’s raspy tone. Together, their voices create a powerful blend of melodies that are bound to keep listeners hooked.”So ever since Jo Elle recorded the vocals for the hook, I knew I had to release this song as a single”, dESH said.

dESH.DUBS’ previous single – ‘DUBSTAR’ – saw him tinker with Drill. Continuing on his trend of being versatile, the artist wanted the new single to prove once more that he is an artist of no limits: “‘Luna Shine On’ reiterates that my music is all about experiences, expression and the inspiration that I get from around me. I hope to be remembered for that and trying more new sounds is the way forward”.

‘Luna Shine On’ was produced by Tom of Big Bad Beat (Finland), recorded by Marcel of Mosound.

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