Dici – Champagne Showers

Dici, the rising star of urban pop music, originally from Italy but now based in Miami, delivered his latest single ‘Champagne Showers‘, showcasing his undeniable talent and creativity in delivering energizing music. This track is sure to leave you feeling good, with its uplifting EDM beat that pumps up the energy levels. At the heart of the song are the classic close-voiced house piano chords, which imbue the track with an old-school house essence that is hard to resist. In addition, the vocal delivery, which oscillates between moments of clarity and moments of clever manipulation, serves to elevate the song to even greater heights. While the songwriting may be straightforward and unpretentious, it proves to be strikingly effective, leaving a lasting impression on the listener. It goes without saying that ‘Champagne Showers’ is the perfect party track, so prepare to uncork some bubbly and get loose! Dici’s music has already gained significant popularity, with over 2 million streams on Spotify across 100 countries and more than 4 million views on his professionally directed and produced music videos on YouTube.

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AlanP – Hold On [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

authentic, creative, travel

Tell us a few things about hold on. What is the main idea behind it?

the main idea was to tell the stage of my life when I fell into depression caused by love

Which song of the album reflects you the most?

I would say hold on

Your music blends many different genres under the electronica term. What made you gravitate towards synth driven music?

because in synthesize we can modulate waves rework them until they have that sound and I find it exciting to play with the wave to rework it and make something

Artists and people who have influenced and inspired you?

so since I was little I have been immersed in several influences such as electronics, jazz, RNB, rock etc. for that in my music often in a piece there is a lot of musical genre but it is true that the artists who have made me love the most is AVICII, LMFAO, simple plan

In which state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

thinking that they are stronger because they have already overcome stages in their lives

One last thing we should know about you?

I am a young 19-year-old artist from Lyon who produces these sounds and who will continue as long as he is on this earth

Thank you!

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Monophobe – Dorian [Review]

Dorian, the latest release by Monophobe, is a fine instrumental track that showcases the artist’s musical talent and creativity. The beat of the song is crystal clear and solid, providing a perfect foundation for the melodic elements to shine.  The fusion of electronic and jazz music creates an inspiring sound while the song’s instrumental nature also allows the listener to focus on the music and appreciate the elegant synth arpeggios that capture the listener’s attention from the very beginning. A beautiful and well-crafted piece of music that demonstrates Monophobe’s skill as a composer and producer.

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Arxhie Low – Motion [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Unique, wavy, newgen

Tell us a few things about your new song Motion. What is the main idea behind it?

Motion is a feel good song inspired by my first ever sold out show and how far I have made it in the music industry so far. The main idea for this song was too inspire and touch people using my own unique genre of dnb/dance beats with rap over the top.

What inspired you to experiment with the melodic rap genre and infuse it with dance instrumentals?

These two genres have always been my favourite things and to mix them together has been a dream that has been long time coming for me. Original inspired by riovaz, I decided to give my own take on this type of genre. I believe also the realisations of I am not going to make it where I want to be just by following the trends and copying what’s already out helped me try and create and experiment with this genre.

What was the experience like selling out your first show, and how did it inspire the creation of this song?

The experience of performing at my first ever show and it being sold out was like no other. The tickets selling out 4 days after announcement was definitely the craziest feeling ever. But, performing was a even better feeling. The excitement and rush of feelings from the show truly inspire ‘Motion’. It’s quite an amazing feeling having the crowd scream your name, much like what I mention within the song.

What would be your dream performance venue?

I don’t believe I have a dream venue to perform at. But, it’s always been a dream of mine since I was 12 to perform at Rolling Loud festival. The crowds there always go so crazy and I feel like it would match my style of performing perfectly. I’m working every day to be able to reach this goal of mine.

When not writing music, how do you spend your time?

Music usually seems to be my whole life to be honest. I’m always either listening, making, writing, or working on marketing for music. But other then music, I enjoy going to the gym, skateboarding, and just chilling with my friends. My friends play a big role within my music and have always supported my dream.

When was the last time you danced?

I don’t know if this is embarrassing or not, but every night I dance in front of my mirror to music. Whether it’s imagining that I’m playing at a huge show or rolling loud, or just vibing to music. I’m always doing something to hype myself up to music at night.

Thank you!

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Bad Indigo – DIY [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Etheric surprising heartful

Tell us a few things about your new song. What is the main idea behind it?

Looking for home, the search and meaning of what home is to us- the ideal and the reality. That which changes and that which stays the same. In a way it’s like your fantasy about love or life, and what is really happening. Or like you grow up and hopefully develop as a person, but when your mom calls , It’s like nothing changed, to her you’re just a small kid, in a way . There’s a mystery about what home is whether it’s on the inside or out.

How have you managed to maintain the DIY ethos in your creative process, and what does it mean to you?

Well, we are a two piece project right now, and we’re basically doing it all by ourselves music wise . The whole album was done together, luckily our creative energy meshes good to create this sound and the world we bring in bad indigo , in the process there’s no deadlines, just our desire to progress , this is totally diy one on one.

Favourite album of the past year?

Kendrick Lamar – Mr. Morale & The big Steppers

What role has the Tel Aviv indie scene played in your musical journey, and how has it influenced your work?

Well the placing and surroundings mosdef has influence on the music and vibes. TLV is a cool city and we kinda grew up with the first wave of indie bands here, mostly for us, like diy it’s finding a creative home in all of this, something that will make sense to us.

Favorite music related film?

A Scanner Darkly, Tora Tora Tora , Angles Heart , Twin Peaks

One last thing we should know about you?

We love dancing

Thank you!

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Major Kami – Burns In The Barns [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

DE : Obsessive; conceptual alternative electropop; provocative

Tell us a few things about your new song BURNS IN THE BARNS. What is  the main idea behind it?

MK :Burns in the Barns is based on the suicide of David Bowie’s half brother Terry Burns.
Terry was a huge influence in his brother’s life but sadly, he suffered with schizophrenia and eventually ended his life on The Coulson South train tracks.
Anxiety, paranoia, frantic feelings…All of these thoughts and feelings went into this song…The frantic, moody music inspired these words along with the story of TB…
For which lyric you are most proud of?

MK :”Shadows inside my head. Voices speaking Kerouac. Inside this addled brain, voices conspire. Coulsdon tracks are calling me, snowy silent enemy.”

Artists and people who have influenced and inspired you?

DE : Major Kami has many imaginations, his influences are numerous ! 🙂
For my part I would say Kae Tempest; David Bowie in “1 Outside”.

How do you balance the expression of powerful emotions while maintaining accessibility and accessibility and ease of listening in your music?

MK : Major Kami is a collaboration.Every single track is created by and/or influenced by three people.I think with this process a natural balance occurs as each artist contributes.

DE : three people : Major Kami (performer, co-writer and author of Burns in the Barns) Denis Expert (DAMde8’s independent producer, co-writer and co-composer), Dan Burkhart (co-composer, arranger and sound engineer) .
In short, this chemistry happened for us, for Burns In Th Barns but also for all our songs!

In which state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

MK : This track is all about unease.It’s a sad song…I imagine someone listening to it, may be able to relate to some of the feelings and fears.Sometimes listening to a sad song when you are feeling sad, just lets you get the emotion out…I would hope someone walks away feeling better after listening.
One last thing we should know about you?

DE: I met Major Kami (real name Camille Miller), 11,000 kilometres away from where I live (I’m in Bordeaux, she’s in Singapore) through social networks. In the middle of COVID 19, I came to her and asked her to collaborate with me and the collective DAMde8 (France), to create songs and an album.
Because she believed in this fabulous story, she dared to say yes and this album took shape; 11 songs were born from this trust. I wish all artists to live these extraordinary moments and to consider that it is possible that art, music, brings you this happiness to go further than you think.

Thank you!

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Vidorra – Green For Go [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Primal, Modern, Switch

Can you tell us about your musical background and how you got into producing electronic music?

I was lucky enough to start playing instruments early in life, around 7 I started learning the saxophone and drums and that was the real start. 13 was when I began producing electronic music and from there is when it really became my life’s focus! I had been inspired by the idea of music production, or being a ‘music producer’ for a few years prior to beginning. I didn’t truly understand what it meant but the idea of being involved in music was enticing. Watching MTV inspired by taste a lot then, a lot of hip hop / pop production, but when I was introduced to EDM via Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Greyhound’ music video on tv. I was totally, totally hooked.

What inspired the concept for your new album “Green For Go”?

The album was about creating the best music I could, and then actively leaning into the curation of that music too. The green concept came when I was brainstorming how I wanted the album to feel, visually, and I was simply playing with shades of colour. I found that green and it just hit me, and I built the concept around that. Another association I have musically is the jungle – I think of the jungle visually when recording, and of course green is a predominant colour in the jungle, so there almost two tales here. One of green being this high energy, in your face colour, that feels clean but activated, and another being a nod to the jungle.

You mention wanting to bring communities together through music, can you expand on that and what message you hope to spread with your music?

All music I’ve truly enjoyed has evoked great emotion in myself and others, essentially creating a talking point between those touched by that music, and I strive to do the same, as those communities have given me a lot of joy. For me music never was about lyrics. For me music was truly just about the sound and how it felt, hence I was love instrumental music too, and so my message isn’t one of stories or narratives, but if feelings. A word I have used before is ‘euphoria’.

What would be your dream performance venue?

This changes a lot, at one point I would said Tomorrowland, another I would say a large arena like Madison Square Garden, another I’d say Liverpool Olympia (which I’m feeling right now – more intimate venue). I don’t have a real goal for any particular venue, as there are lots of interesting aspects to all of them.

In which state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

Generally or definitely in high energy states, or building energy, or just having a great time and wanting some fun.

Thank you!

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Wolf – Bleed [Review]

Welcome to the world where everything from dubstep to metal unite. Bleed.
The intro piece sets the mood. With manipulated vocals, the signature trap gun sounds and an epic dubstep drop, the track sets the tone for the rest of your listening experience, which will be filled with nicely disturbed sounds. In maxxed out, a blend of heavyweight sounds blend with chaotic wobbles and even some festival trance leads.

Are you ready?

Garbage is once again heavy on guitars, with an almost chaotic driving distortion, but this time the arrangement involves some clean raps too. In mentality, the outro sound of the EP, low growls meet some clean spitting on a strangely beautiful beat with strong experimental vibes. 

If you are that person who is into all these different genres, Wolf is ready to grant all your musical wishes. Listen below!

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Dorian – Do Ya [Interview]

Tell us a few things about your new work. What is the main idea behind it?

This project is special to me because it signifies a special and turning point in my life. These songs are about me releasing some of the things I feel are still personally holding me back: whether it be hurt, fear, self-doubt; I wanted to tackle that with this project.

Your EP title, 33, signifies your age. What advice would you give to your younger self?

To love and believe in yourself. And to never lose sight of your dreams!

Do you like the idea of collaborating? Is songwriting a lonely process?

I love the idea of collaborating simply because it enhances the overall movement. More ears, more gifts, more creativity; more magic! I’m excited for some collabs I have in the works!

Favorite album of the past year?

I’m torn between Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” & Chris Brown’s “Breezy” —I’m wearing both of those albums out!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an artist so far?

I think the entire process of being an independent artist has been a challenge. I’m learning so much while constantly taking leaps of faith. It’s a scary yet rewarding process!

Your music has positive vibes. What is your biggest regret though?

Thank you! I try to make sure my music is uplifting; because I write with the intent to heal. I like to believe that things happen for a reason; but I do wish I stopped letting fear hold me back much sooner in life.

Future plans?

My new music video “Proud” from my album “The Arrival” is out now! “33” drops later this month; and I want my supporters to pick the next single from that EP. More content on my YouTube page coming so soon. And I just plan to be more visible overall over these next few months. And more performances!

Thank you!

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hangtime – Walls [Interview]

Tell us a few things about your new work Walls.

It’s a story of a family at war, there’s much strife, and the odd ability to open that portal for processing, maybe the portal has never been closed…
“Blood on the border, it’s blood from my brother”

How much saturation is too much? Joking aside, what is your creative process like?

Give into the flow, where it takes us.
We want to play on the biggest speakers imaginable to send it.
Bath in the wash; extrapolate the moarz, add-rinse-repeat.

Which is your most personal and honest lyric?

“I never feel safe”

Do you have an artist that you would describe as a hidden gem that we should know about?

Have you heard of The Prodigy and Aphex Twin? 
Joking aside, Keef Chambers portrayed by Tony Cavalero is a real gem(stone).

Which song gives you such a rush of energy, you wish you had composed yourself?

Soul Man – Sam and Dave
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt – Naruyoshi Kikuchi

Favourite music related film?

Honestly, it is a toss up between Muppets Christmas Carol and Fast and Furious 3: Tokyo Drift.

hangtime.. What is the story behind your name?

We are not hangtime, this is hangtime
It’s there. Look at hang…look at time…look at what happens in the middle. 
we been doin’ music awhile, hangtime was born in quarantine

Thank you!

"A Prismatic Shard can be offered to the Dark Shrine of Selfishness at the Witch's Hut to turn children into doves (getting rid of them permanently)."

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