Wolf – Bleed [Review]

Welcome to the world where everything from dubstep to metal unite. Bleed.
The intro piece sets the mood. With manipulated vocals, the signature trap gun sounds and an epic dubstep drop, the track sets the tone for the rest of your listening experience, which will be filled with nicely disturbed sounds. In maxxed out, a blend of heavyweight sounds blend with chaotic wobbles and even some festival trance leads.

Are you ready?

Garbage is once again heavy on guitars, with an almost chaotic driving distortion, but this time the arrangement involves some clean raps too. In mentality, the outro sound of the EP, low growls meet some clean spitting on a strangely beautiful beat with strong experimental vibes. 

If you are that person who is into all these different genres, Wolf is ready to grant all your musical wishes. Listen below!

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