Discover the magic world of Henry Aberson [Review]

Today we will help you discover the magic world of Henry Aberson. This is a short introduction of Henry’s music using 3 tracks each with a distinct sonic palette.

In Hang It Up the artist teams up with Nariah Taylor and Korey Keys delivering a chill production filled with very warm keys, a sensual vocal delivery, a laid back groove on a simple but effective I-VI-IV-V chord progression. Let It Burn features Stephanie Oliver, Edwin Canito Garcia, Tye Slagle & Corey Mauser and is characterised by the beautifully crafted, comfy groove which blends with sultry guitar licks. Once again the I-IV-V chord progression remains simple but effective. In Vibe A, the artist is showcasing a more funky, groovy side of his artistic identity. A playful instrumental, filled with skilful improvisations accompanied by charming guitars and the mellow sound of the organ.

Dive in!

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