Liv-id – Big Tech [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Vibrant, Energetic, Thrilling

What inspired you to create music with a positive message?

I’ve always been a person that’s grounded in reality and my music is a reflection of that. I don’t aim to always be overtly positive but logically my lyrics are always going to portray what makes sense to me good or bad.

How does your hometown of Ocean City, MD influence your music?

Ocean City has influenced my music by shaping my life through my experiences. These experiences has molded my view of life which is what is portrayed through my music. Sonically there are certain vibes that mesh with where I come from, being raised by the water it’s a place with vibes in the air.

Favourite rapper, lyricist and producer?

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite, I am a student however and I see how people go about things in their own ways which I appreciate.

What does hip hop symbolize in your opinion?

To me Hip-hop symbolizes the story beneath the polished surface.

In which state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

In all states of mind, I make a variety of different styles of music and most of my songs are waves that can be enjoyed in many settings, whether you’re looking for a boost, riding around with your friends or just vibing on your own.

What do you have planned for the future, both in terms of your music and your Tech Hoodie product?

I have more singles lined up for release, so I’ll continue to push Big Tech and my other songs I already have out. A lot of great content shot and ready to be released on my social media platforms and Music Videos as well. The Big Tech Music Video is on the Way as well as others. I also dropped an innovative product in the Technology Space called the TechHoodie allowing people to connect with others easier than ever before. Head to to purchase one now, they’re limited and sold out during the pre-sale so I expect it to sell out again as well.
I have other tech products in the works as well so follow me on Instagram Facebook &TikTok @lividonce. Twitter @jusLivid, and subscribe to my Youtube @liv-id to stay informed on everything I have going on. Stay Blessed.

Thank you!

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Caspar Grant – Capricornucopia [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Satirical psychedelic bass.

In Capricornucopia you blend dubstep and grime elements with a very playful flow. Tell us a few things about it. What is the story behind the track?

The track went through a number of incarnations. Originally a lot of the bars were ones I’d drop to classic grime instrumentals at the end of a set as part of a big finale. The idea behind the lyrics was to blend shelling it with something more abstract, showing what I could rhythmically whilst also demonstrating how vivid and otherworldly the imagery could be.

I originally recorded the bars to a classic beat (try and guess which one) and then, after searching long and hard for the right producer, enlisted my guy Dusty Ohms to build an instrumental around the rhymes. I then re recorded the bars to the new beat and adapted a hook that I’d been using at shows for the chorus. The “Everything’s Been Done Before” part was a call and response line I’ve been using for time and I think all in all the song managed to capture the essence of a lot of what my music’s about, particularly translating the live energy I’ve developed over the years.

What is the main topic of your lyrics?

It’s hard to say exactly. The main rule I work by is that it has to be visual. I’m really into the whole idea of a painting saying a thousand words but sadly I suck at drawing so I use lyrics instead. Rather than just saying my direct thoughts on something I’d rather present an image or a scene with characters as a form of visual metaphor and let the listener interpret it. A lot of the lyrics tell short snap shots of stories that are at least intended to have layers of meaning in them. Generally I’m mostly influenced by a lot of social and political satire so I guess that’s what I’m trying to do with the lyrics, say something about the world around me as I see it as well as talking about my own personal reality in a way that’s still humorous and entertaining.

Favourite rapper, lyricist and producer?

Oooooof. I’m going to cheat and put Pharoah Monch and Black Thought combined as my favourite rapper (I really do think they are flips of the same coin in a number of ways), Aesop Rock as my favourite lyricist and Four Tet as my favourite producer. If he’s not Hip Hop enough I guess I’d go with Flying Lotus.

Trap music came to rule the world, but at the moment the genre feels stagnant. What does the future hold for hip hop in general?

I mean as much as straight up trap may have stagnated you can also hear how certain trap sensibilities have been absorbed into all different types of music and sub genres that are perfectly vibrant. I think that with these sorts of things it isn’t as simple as suddenly everything changing. If anything it’s more the case that trends right now will continue to evolve whilst at the same time the next generation of kids bring something that’s a complete reaction against what’s prevalent now.

I think you can make strong arguments that the way in which jazz sensibilities have come back to the forefront in a lot of hip hop will have a lasting impact, particularly as jazz music itself continues to evolve in parallel. At the same time I anticipate a raw, back to basics explosion at some point to counter that, something hard to balance how vibey a lot of music has become. Don’t get me wrong I love both those polar energies, it’s just that in the ecosystem of music these things have a habit of shifting.

When not writing music, how do you spend your time?

I like to read and watch a lot of movies. We’ve got a projector in the yard so it’s cool to hook it up with the big speakers on, close the curtain and have the whole cinematic experience. I really need a certain amount of art and stories in my life just to keep the old noggin in check. I like to keep up to date with current affairs because the world is nuts and it’s important to have some idea of what’s going on, as limited as it may be. I like to cook a lot because flavour is important and science is fun. I like to get outdoors because nature is essential. I also really enjoying watching stand up comedy.

What is the most useless talent you have?

Making that water drip sound by tapping my cheek. I’ve got it down pretty solid although my boy Lewis who taught me how to can do it way better than me. Such is life.

Thank you!

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Flamma – The Might [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Energetic, Passionate, Conscious.

What is the main topic of your lyrics?

My lyrics/tracks always have a message and/or draw on my personal experiences that we can all relate to in someway. This track reflects on the good times, going out and getting lit with your people!

It was inspired during lockdown where it made you appreciate the ability to be able to go out and have fun. Like many people, I missed going out and having a great time.

When I first heard the beat for this track it reminded me of moments that I can imagine many relate to; good energy, out with your mates, drinking the night away. It gave me that feel good aura when you feel on top of the world and unstoppable. The feeling that you don’t want the night to end, just pure good vibes.”

I hope that this track ignites the same feeling for others, reminding them of being out with their friends and taking them back to their most memorable party days, when they felt euphoric. Hopefully it gives the listener a sense of power to do what makes them happy – unswayed by others’ negativity.

Why is it still difficult for UK rappers to break through to America?

I believe there are a culmination of reasons that contribute to this and it’s not just as simple as one thing. I believe stylistically UK rappers are very different in their delivery, cadence and flow. This can be a positive in some markets globally as much as it can be a negative one when taking on the American market. Another thing that can’t be ignored is the difference in culture and lifestyle, all these aspects add to the authenticity of UK rappers but also create some hurdles for the American listener to overcome. That being said there are a lot of listeners in America who are fans of UK music/rappers but perhaps not substantial enough for UK rappers to make their mark.

What are the main ingredients that make London one of the world’s leading music cities?

Diversity is the main thing. People and cultures all across the world have come here through the years and left their mark in London. This causes original styles to be a hybrid and a mish-mash of others styles creating a unique sound.

One thing I admire about music in London is that people are not afraid to be experimental and the general public are open to this which endorses creativity and innovation from artists.

Favourite album of the past year?

I find it hard to usually pick out one single album but over the course of the past year I’ve been listening to a lot of Chip, Dave, Stormzy, AJ Tracey, Aitch, J Hus & Young B.

Do you have an artist that you would describe as a hidden gem that we should know about?

I wouldn’t describe them as a hidden talent but I think Aitch & Dave have a lot of years ahead of themselves to hit even higher heights. I think Young B has also nailed his style and consistently brings out those banging smooth tracks.

What is the most useless talent you have?

I genuinely can’t think of any right now but I can do a one arm push up!

Thank you!

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A.D. – Popcorn [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

“Built mad different”

You are heavily influenced by the American sound. But what makes UK Rap distinct?

Outside of the accent there’s actually not too much distinct about UK rap from American Rap. I would say maybe that your average UK Rap track is of a higher lyrical quality than the average American Rap track but otherwise there’s a lot of crossover between our music. That’s why these days we have Americans and Brits jumping on the same sorts of beats, especially in the Drill scene. That’s why UK Rap deserves more respect; it’s just as great as any other music out there in the top charts once you look past the accent.

What is the main topic of your lyrics?

It ALWAYS depends on what mood I’m in when I’m writing but I’d say at the moment my lyrics revolve a decent amount around bigging myself up. Being unapologetic about how dope I am and believing in my sauce. After all, how can I make others believe in me if I don’t believe in myself?!

What does hip hop symbolize in your opinion?

Hip Hop is far greater than just a genre of music, but a whole lifestyle and community across the entire the world. It’s a language we can communicate in, a tool of great expression, a method of release, a pleasure for our pain and a pain to our pleasure. Hip Hop is as deep as humanity itself and it symbolises exactly that: humanity.

Do you have an artist that you would describe as a hidden gem that we should know about?

Besides myself??? I would definitely have to recommend a singer called Kiing (@iamkiing). I was a legitimate fan of his before I reached out to him for a collab and thankfully he did it so we’ve got a song coming out soon that he absolutely DEMOLISHED! Nevertheless he’s got amazing music and I’m a real fan of his so definitely check his stuff out.

What would you change in the music industry?

Two things: being unafraid to show love/weakness and bringing back originality. In the UK especially it seems very rare for people to just show love to a dope artist, let alone artists bigging up other artists publicly. It’s also rare for artists to be vulnerable and let their emotions show so I wish people would do that more just like we did in Hip Hop back when we talked about the struggles we faced. Also these days so many artists share the same sound and it’s ANNOYING! Back in the day you could NEVER confuse 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Ludacris, Ja Rule, DMX, The Game, Jay-Z, Fabolous, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, etc because they had such iconic and identifiable sounds. Nowadays people find a sound and jump on the wave, which kills creativity and individual identity. Part of why I struggle to describe who I sound like or what my sound is like is because I sound like myself, and I love that about myself. I wish other artists would do the same.

One last thing we should know about you?

No matter what I just want to express how much love and gratitude I have for each and every person who genuinely likes me and my music. Of course I’ve got big dreams but it all starts from the ground up and I want everyone to know my appreciation runs deep for you if you take even a fraction of your time to come rock with me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and I hope you look forward to this journey we’re going on.

Thank you!

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D-Kel & Los Bandidos – 2020 Flow [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Original, London & Balanced

Tell us a few things about your new song “2020 Flow”. What is the main idea behind it?

DKEL: From my part, it was pretty much the frustration I had/have during lockdown, personally I’m struggling to be as creative and I guess you have a lot of time at the moment to over-think, and it’s that idea of questioning so much that you don’t have the chance too when your in the ‘rat-race’ also I just wanted to vent and take it back to the basic, straight bars.

You have been involved in the #SaveOurVenues campaign. How important are the small venues to the UK music scene?

DKEL: For band like ours, without small venues, we are pretty non existent. We really depend on grass roots venues to grow as a band, they are the foundation of band music in the U.K.

Can you share something funny that happened during one of your gigs? And what would be your dream performance venue?

DKEL: Ha, that’s an easy one, it was our first gig and I will let Ryan tell the rest…
Dream venue? I would of said KOKO but that’s no longer so I’d go with The Roundhouse

Ryan (Guitarist/Producer): It was our first gig and right as I hit the first note of my ‘big’ solo my guitar strap came flying off. Needless to say the guitar then swan-dived into the stage floor. I died inside, but everyone in the band laughed their ass off as I had to pick up my guitar and try to play on. (They still take the piss out of me for it 3 years later)

Is London the world’s music capital? If yes why and if no then which city is..

DKEL: For me it is London, there’s so much history of subcultures that brought amazing music, not to mention all the great artists to come from this city but even artists who made a name for themselves in this city.

Favorite hip hop album of the past year?

Knucks – London Class, a perfect example of current British lyricism

Any future plan?

Prayer hands together, fingers crossed, eyes closed, GIGS! Well that would be our ideal future plan, but we got some great singles we are preparing, we just hope we can release them in the way we want, with some great visual concepts and fingers crossed we can make up for last years lost gigs and festivals

Thank you!

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CHOZE – BADDERZ [Interview]

Describe your sound in three words?

Alternative, edgy, seminal

Your music has an experimental touch. Do you feel listeners are tired of generic trap beats?

Tired? That’s debatable. My belief in producing music has always been created with a timeless approach. Trap music has a scene that is still going. It might not necessarily be at the forefront but it’s audience still supports it’s sound and movement so I wouldn’t bet against its musical status just yet. It’s the same principle with grime, jungle, hip hop etc. Those genres and more are still consistent with their production and the main reason for their progress is the general public such as a particular scene’s core fanbase. Sticking with their artist through think and thin will help continue a legacy for any particular type of music and will motivate any sound to move forward.

For which lyric you are most proud of?

“It’s WE but if we flip our W’s, it will just be Me” it’s the reading between the lines (no pun lol) that really connects with me. Especially the difficult circumstances we all are facing right now, this lyric really affects me every time I read it back to myself.

Best UK Hip Hop album ever?

That is a very tough 1 I can’t lie. If we’re talking about UK HIPHOP then it’s a battle between “the sagas of klashnekoff” by klashnekoff or “original pirate material” by the streets. Both iconic albums that will always stand the test of time and they both played a major part of shaping me into the artist I am today. I couldn’t imagine an industry without these albums. They spoke their truths with so much passion, conviction and fearless approach which demonstrated to me that this format is a procedure to creating a classic. Never afraid to be who you, plain and simple

What would be your dream performance venue?

That’s a very difficult one because technically I haven’t been around the world yet to discover new venues that make me daydream of one day performing my art in front of a supporting audience. If we’re inquiring about the uk venues then it’s a battle between O2 arena and Brixton academy. O2 surround sound, stage lighting and space is phenomenal. I’ve watched many great bands that have utilise all the facilities in the venue e.g Gorillaz headline show was one of a kind, blew me away. Brixton Academy I have a soft spot for because it’s near my mothers home which means it’s the foundation. Performing in Brixton would resurrect my child hood dream of headlining in an area where I’ve invested and developed my artistry so much. Without Brixton or clapham, I wouldn’t be the artist your witnessing today.

What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?

I honestly have to express how good “tenet” is. Such an epic and trend setting movie but why would I be surprised? when this movie is directed by my favourite director in film, Christoper Nolan. His passion and artistry in making every film iconic and bravery to always leave people wanting more. Whether it’s the story line or the actors he hires to create his picture, he’s second to none.

Any future plans?

D.I.Y the LP is the project I’ll be focusing on but for the foreseeable future, definitely 2 more albums, merchandise store then focusing on working with new up and coming artist who remind me of pure artistry, period.


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Casscade x Raj Forever -Crazy Scenes

North West LDN rapper and creative Casscade returns with his new single ‘Crazy Scenes’, this time teaming up with the hotly tipped artist/producer Raj Forever. Out 23rd October, ‘Crazy Scenes’ was produced by the prolific American producer Saint Cardona (whose credits include; Young M.A, Octavian, Fivio Foreign and Mariah Angelica). With its accessible drill-flavoured beat, mixed with Casscade’s playful bars and melodic approach, there is something genuinely fresh about the track, as Raj Forever punctuates things with a memorable chorus hook, nailing down its radio friendly vibe and positive message.

Lyrically, Casscade takes the commonly used phrase ‘Crazy Scenes’ as inspiration to build the track around an aspirational message. Looking back at the harsh environments both artists grew up in, to where they are now Casscade explains: “The ‘I still hear the screams part’ in Raj’s hook just signifies that although we may not particularly be in bad situations anymore, they’ve left their scars. Nobody is perfect and I think it’s always good to remember where you came from.”


Readey – Bubblin’ [Interview]

  • Describe your sound in three words

Energetic, soulful and unique.

  • You blend different genres from UK Garage to Grime. Which are your major musical influences?

I started listening to Grime when I was at school, mainly Ghetts and Devlin… when they would go back to back on a track or a set I would literally lose my mind.

  • Do you think there is a true underground hip hop sound today?

I believe that there will always be an underground scene. When certain artists who have been grinding for years on end finally begin to get recognition, it inspires the younger generation to start their own musical journey, and they then take their idols place in the ‘underground’.

  • Which is the main difference in your opinion between the UK rap scene compared to the US rap?

Personally, I can’t really put my finger on a main difference, but I have always preferred UK rap in general, I’m not quite sure why… maybe because I can relate to the artists more as I’m from the same country as them? Who knows. Both have produced many exceptional artists over the years though.

  • Best Hip Hop album ever?

My favourite Hip-Hop album ever has got to be 2001 by Dre.

  • What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?

The best film I have watched since the lockdowns began is a heartwarming, true story called Green Book.

  • Any future plans?

My next single is due to be released soon, I’ll be posting all the details on my social media pages @readeyofficial when the time is right, aside from that I have no idea what else is in store as of yet! I will more than likely put some kind of project together within the next few months, possibly a UK Garage one this time as most of my supporters have expressed how much they like it when I harness this genre. It also feels like a very natural process in the writing stage as a lot of the instrumentals tend to resonate with me as a person.

  • Thank you!

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Ramonie – Monie [Interview]

Describe your sound in three words

Humorous, Chilled, Flirtatious

What is the main topic of your lyrics? Tell us a few things about your creative process.

I often find myself talking about things every other teen idolises.. Money & Women. It often starts with me saying a catchy one liner, an example of this is in the intro ‘Monie’ where in my first line I say “Nickname Monie, they all wanna get to know me”

You blend grime with lofi and chill beats. How many beats do you listen to before you end up using one?

I listen to multiple genres, I even find myself writing to drill beats & I’ve actually used the lyrics.

Best UK Hip Hop album ever?

Dave – Psychodrama

Why is it still difficult for UK rappers to break through to America?

I feel like there isn’t a strong enough link in between the both & when there is it’s more mainstream based. We need more underground collaborations, then it would help to open different opportunities.

What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?


Any future plans?

I plan to drop more than one project in 2021.

Thank you!

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NeONE The Wonderer – Never Die [Interview]

  • Please Introduce yourself

I’m NeONE The Wonderer from a magic land known as Wolverhampton! I’m a rapper, producer and videographer,  I’ve always loved being creative and experimental and so my friends saw me as the mad scientist of music and art. I love Mythology and the supernatural and blend that into my work.

  • Describe your sound in 3 words

Experimental, Metaphorical, Vibes!

  • Favourite rapper, lyricist and producer

Busta Rhymes, Kendrick Lamar (Easy), Rashad ‘Ringo’ Smith

  • Best Hip Hop album ever

Busta Rhymes Genesis

  • Best live gig you have even been

Kanye West 2019 unless I can count local gigs then it would be Troy Bars open mic in London

  • Top Hidden Gem Artist


  • Future plans

Release and E.P called Dream safely and Create a web series called ‘Broke Boys’  which will only feature music from independent artists, It’s hard to get a platform out there so I’m making one