CHOZE – BADDERZ [Interview]

Describe your sound in three words?

Alternative, edgy, seminal

Your music has an experimental touch. Do you feel listeners are tired of generic trap beats?

Tired? That’s debatable. My belief in producing music has always been created with a timeless approach. Trap music has a scene that is still going. It might not necessarily be at the forefront but it’s audience still supports it’s sound and movement so I wouldn’t bet against its musical status just yet. It’s the same principle with grime, jungle, hip hop etc. Those genres and more are still consistent with their production and the main reason for their progress is the general public such as a particular scene’s core fanbase. Sticking with their artist through think and thin will help continue a legacy for any particular type of music and will motivate any sound to move forward.

For which lyric you are most proud of?

“It’s WE but if we flip our W’s, it will just be Me” it’s the reading between the lines (no pun lol) that really connects with me. Especially the difficult circumstances we all are facing right now, this lyric really affects me every time I read it back to myself.

Best UK Hip Hop album ever?

That is a very tough 1 I can’t lie. If we’re talking about UK HIPHOP then it’s a battle between “the sagas of klashnekoff” by klashnekoff or “original pirate material” by the streets. Both iconic albums that will always stand the test of time and they both played a major part of shaping me into the artist I am today. I couldn’t imagine an industry without these albums. They spoke their truths with so much passion, conviction and fearless approach which demonstrated to me that this format is a procedure to creating a classic. Never afraid to be who you, plain and simple

What would be your dream performance venue?

That’s a very difficult one because technically I haven’t been around the world yet to discover new venues that make me daydream of one day performing my art in front of a supporting audience. If we’re inquiring about the uk venues then it’s a battle between O2 arena and Brixton academy. O2 surround sound, stage lighting and space is phenomenal. I’ve watched many great bands that have utilise all the facilities in the venue e.g Gorillaz headline show was one of a kind, blew me away. Brixton Academy I have a soft spot for because it’s near my mothers home which means it’s the foundation. Performing in Brixton would resurrect my child hood dream of headlining in an area where I’ve invested and developed my artistry so much. Without Brixton or clapham, I wouldn’t be the artist your witnessing today.

What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?

I honestly have to express how good “tenet” is. Such an epic and trend setting movie but why would I be surprised? when this movie is directed by my favourite director in film, Christoper Nolan. His passion and artistry in making every film iconic and bravery to always leave people wanting more. Whether it’s the story line or the actors he hires to create his picture, he’s second to none.

Any future plans?

D.I.Y the LP is the project I’ll be focusing on but for the foreseeable future, definitely 2 more albums, merchandise store then focusing on working with new up and coming artist who remind me of pure artistry, period.


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