Nedelko – Cinq Centimètres par Seconde (Prod : Lapwass) [Interview]

  • Describe your sound in three words 

Elliptical, melancholy and progressive

  • Tell us a few things about your new project Urizen  

Urizen is my second album, which comes out in two parts, the first one already available and the second coming out at the end of March. It speaks of the constant modulations of our horizons and of our personal universe, which are restricted or widened depending on the events that we have to experience and the people we meet. It is a reference to a central figure in William Blake’s mythology who embodies the absolute law and who draws the outline of the universe with his compass.

It’s a pretty cinematic and abstract album very influenced by the imagery of the works of Terry Gilliam, Chris Marker, or even the cyberpunk side of Akira and Evangelion.

  • Wich sound of the EP represent you the most ? 

It’s a hard question because each song represent a different state of mind, but I think my part of « Damocles » is a balanced choice. Not too dark and not too optimistic either, sadness mixed with the desire for a brighter existence. « Bienvenu à Néopolis » is also a good fit ! 

  • Favorite rapper, lyricist and producer 

I think my favorite rapper is Grems, a French artist who’s also a very very talented graphic designer, lyricist is Lucio Bukowski, also a French rapper and one of the main artist of L’Animalerie, the crew I’m in, but I’m also a huge huge fan of the lyrics of Julian Casablancas, singer of the Strokes and the Voidz . And producer I’ll say Oster Lapwass, who’s my producer, Rick Rubin and Mattia from the French group Odezenne. 

  • Is language a barrier in Music ?

I think it depends on what you listened to when you were young mostly, and in what part of the world you were born but in general music is more a way of connecting with each others than a barrier. It can even be a motivation and a way to learn other languages.

  • Do you have any artist that you would describe as an hidden gem that we should know about ? 

Instinctively I’d say Oklou, and The Voidz too, and for a really really hidden gem I’d say Penguin Cafe Orchestra

  • What would you change in music industry ?

I’d say give the power to people who really know music and not to some guys who decide who’s gonna be the next superstar depending on his popularity, less advertising and more music and passion. 

  • Any futur Plans ?

A lot of small projects with different artists and the third album who’s in progress ! 

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