KD Mukasa & Francesca – Spotlight [Official Video]

Francesca is a London based actress, singer and model from Italy. Moving to London from Italy to pursue her dreams, she is originally from a beautiful culture rich town in Italy called Perugia blessed with old town charm, jazz festivals and delicious Italian chocolate delicacies.

KD Mukasa is a London based British Hip Hop Artist, singer songwriter and Art entrepreneur. He has a passion for thought provoking rap freestyles, art and running culture shifting art exhibitions blending philosophy and pop culture at the Saatchi Art Gallery in London. They met in London and together they are Hip Hop/Jazz/Pop Duo Band KD Mukasa and Francesca. As part of their new adventure, they are releasing a NEW EP titled ‘Fairy-Tales in Perugia.’

The EP, with fantasy stories inspired by their experiences, has 3 Chapters and is intended as a soundtrack to a short film. The music weaved with both playful and heartfelt lyrics has themes of romance and adventure over curated beats, laced with piano and guitar instrumentation and the pair’s charming vocal harmonies.


brz, Mylo MU – Paradise

Paradise is a collaboration between brz and LA based producer Mylo MU, featuring elements of west coast hip-hop in the production and synthpop in the vocal delivery. The video was directed by Keenan Rhodes, and is inspired by the anime Tokyo Ghoul.

Pronounced “breeze.” He is Your Favorite Abstraction!

producer/rapper/existentialist/brooding being, always m a k i n g & thinking about cycles.

From Indianapolis by way of Diego Martin & Albuquerque. brz’s music focuses on depictions of the existential, love, ego, simulated images, and technology, because it is strange and disorienting (and necessary).