Olivia Orson – LET ME DRIVE [Interview]

Describe your sound in three words

-Enchanting, emotions, intense

Let Me Drive blends different genres. Tell us a few things about your creative process

-You’re right! I love to mix genres like Neo-soul, Jazz, R&B, and Trip hop music. It creates my vibe! The creative process is all about how my feeling and my emotions will be translated at the moment. So it will depend on my moods and physical health. First, It starts with building real connections with the beatmakers that I choose and we create a loving, kind, and comfortable environment based on communication. 

They all know that I have my own language when speaking music and my own artistic direction, so they know what kind of vibes I like and how I want them to sound.

Afterward, we start producing together,  the beatmaker plays chords until a melody inspires me and then we add the beat, the drum, pads, and all other instruments. 

For the rest, I love to try some topline and define the structure of the track.

 After a studio session, I like to come home to rest and give calm to my ears. It’s an important part of the process to be able to take a step back and then focus on the lyrics.

It also has a very chill vibe. In which state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

Very interesting question, I imagine that people might listen to this track and when they need to let things go, or on the opposite when they deeply need to feel something, like a music therapy session you know hehe. 

Favorite album of the past decade?   

-Blonde-Frank Ocean. 

You incorporate electronic elements in your music and you also experiment with autotune. Are these extra challenges when it comes to live performance? Also your dream performance venue?

– I love to challenge myself and the people that work with me and push our limits, So I can’t wait to experiment with live performance to see how I’ll manage these details. But I’m kind of confident and positive about it because I think it could be really fun sometimes to add some autotune when I’ll be performing on stage! 

My dream performance venue is Coachella or maybe on the moon. 

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be? 

-They must think MUSIC first.

Future plans?

-For now, going to London and drop a debut EP this year! 

Last thing we should know about you?

-I love you 

Thank you!

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