Jay Suttin x Jack Bashful – À La Carte [Interview]

Describe your sound in three words

Eclectic. Imaginative. Deliberate.

Boiled under lockdown in digital kitchens. Many people suggested that Lockdown could turn out to be one of the most creative times. What are your thoughts?

Yeah I think so, it’s been a great reset for a lot of creative people finally free to play and collaborate, hopefully once things go back to ‘normal’ everyone can remember to set aside a more proportionate slice of their time to their creative processes.

Is these days the impact of rap music on youths positive?

Overall, unfortunately no, I don’t think it is. It used to be when hip hop music was about bringing people together and being a creative outlet for those unattached to mainstream society and culture and while pockets of that do remain I think nowadays it’s a cartoonish parody of itself where style is everything, content is an afterthought and for any actually talented young people it can be very difficult to be heard over the noise of all these voices shouting so loudly with so little to say.

Do you think there is a true underground hip hop sound today?

I don’t think there’s any ‘one true underground sound’ There will always be people who want to bend rules and blend genres and create ‘new’ vibes and personally I think that in itself is the truest expression of hiphop; something which sonically is always evolving but at its core, it respects the values at the foundation of what hiphop is, or was. It can be crusty boombap or wavy bass driven drill but there should always be an artistic merit and creative worth and for me the lyrics should always evoke some kind of emotional reaction from the listener.

Best Hip Hop album ever?

Wouldn’t call anything a ‘best ever’ but I have a great nostalgic affiliation with the slim shady LP so I’ll go with that

Favorite music related film?

Again not a favourite but ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ is worth a watch, it tells the story of faded 70s musician Sixto Rodriguez who, unbeknownst to himself, was a household name in South Africa

Any future plans?

Stacks of new music and videos to come out of my label G A C K in the coming months, my own next album ‘Yodecahedron’ will be dropping early next year and pandemic depending a return to stages ASAP

Thank you!

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