Rissa Boo – Aliens In New York (feat. @Bazil) [Interview]

Please introduce yourself :

Well, I’m Rissa Boo, a multipotential artist. I started my Hip-Hop activism with Graffiti and Breakdance when I was a teenager, then following my passion to Rap music. I’m also an experimented backpacker and a photographer so I’m crossing all my experiences and my background into my art in several forms.

Describe your sound in three words :

Rad, Energetic & Deep !

Now describe NYC in three words :

Madness, Busy & Jungle, 

What comes first? The beat or the lyrics? Tell us a few things about your creative process.

First of all comes the subject, what I want to talk about. Then come some abstract ideas, both for the beat and the lyrics that I share with Alex Bruggeman who has made all the instrumentals of this Scientifik EP. Once I have a musical base, I write all the lyrics and then we adjust by sending back exports and ideas. But usually, I already know what I want like the structure or the FXs so it can be super fast !

Best Hip Hop album ever?

This is a very difficult question but if I had to choose one, I would say “Ill Communication” from the Beastie Boys because it brings a lot of different styles from the Jazz samples of “Sure Shot” to the guitar riffs of “Sabotage”, passing by tracks like “Shambala” or “Bodhisattva Vow” with tibetan sounds.
Sometimes you only have instrumental tracks like “Sabrosa” or “Transitions” and a great collab’ with Q-Tip. Well it’s a perfect mix for me and I never get bored listening to it !

Favourite rapper, lyricist and producer?

I think my favorite emcee is K-OS, a canadian rapper from Toronto. For the same reasons as the previous question. His albums are really rich in musical influence and he can rap and sing on all these different vibes.
I don’t have a favorite lyricist and I won’t be original here, but I love guys like Nas or 2Pac for their conscious lyrics and actually that’s why I felt in love with rap music : for its political messages. Even if we can talk about everything, obviously !
And as a producer I would say Madlib. I’m a huge fan of samples (even if there’s no sample in my last EP) and he always makes us discover dope stuff with jazz music or dope brazilian bossa. He has a huge musical culture. This is the second reason I like Rap music, it takes influences from everything.

Do you have an artist that you would describe as a hidden gem that we should know about?

These days I’m listening to Sven Wunder with his album “Eastern Flower”, it’s like psychedelic folk and I particularly like the track called “Daisy”.
Short but great !

Any future plans?

Yaassss of course. I have many projects in my mind like mixtapes and albums so I keep working on it, but for now I’m still creating music videos to defend my Scientifik EP. Everyone can see my work on my Facebook Page, Instagram or Youtube Channel so let’s keep in touch !

Thank you!

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