Colérik Man & JonhySimonZ – LifeStyle [Interview]

  • Describe your sound in three words

Intense, deep and real.

  • Tell us a few things about your new album “Trapologie”. What was the main idea behind it? 

The idea behind our album is that we were used to do old school hiphop. But now things have changed a little and people are listening more to trap music. So we decided to adapt to what’s popular nowadays but at the same time, we have keep our values, our lyrics, and our taste for good rap with barz and punchlines. This is why it is called ‘’Trapologie’’ because we are new to trap music and now we are studying it, putting our stories, our lifes and passion into it !

  • Which song of the album represents you the most?

That is hard to answer but we thought about it and Lueur d’epsoir would be a good answer ! Why ? Because we all go through struggles and hard times, most of us have inner demons and challenges to face in life. This song is about giving hope and even if we face really big things and hard times in our lifes, we should stay strong and go through those phases to learn, to become stronger and a better version of ourselves, cause in the end, this is what it’s all about. It represents us because in this song we are really intense with our flows, deep with our lyrics and real with our content, it comes straight form the heart. So this would be a good one ! Literally, this song gives us goosebumps !

  • Is language a barrier in music?

Yes and no. It is a barrier in a sense that French isn’t the most speaking language in the world, compare to English. So it could be easier for an English artist to blow than a French artist. But we do our best to get known in Québec, France and other French speaking countries ! French is also our native language so its easier for us to rap in French than English !

  • Tell us a French artist we should definitely need to check out.

Dual-it is an artist that we are looking forward to do a song with him ! We discovered him recently and he got some skillz !

  • What would you change in the music industry?

If we could remove all the fake artists, to put on top the real ones, the real underground music artists that does music from the heart, than we would be happy to change that !

  • One last thing we should know about you?

We are simple people that are passionated about rap, lyricism and dope music ! We do music not for fame, money or anything like that, simply because we love it and we enjoy it !  

  • Thank you!

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