Dopize – (UN)BALANCED [Interview]

  • Describe your sound in three words

Authentic, versatile, energetic. 

  • Tell us a few things about your new project “Unbalanced”

We all looking for a sort of balance between things to find happiness in life and that’s the exact same with music. I’m in love With us rap, i fell in love with the language and the culture, but I’m french and I wanted to find a balance between these two languages so I’ve tried to blend them to create a new vibe.

  • Which song of the EP represents you the most?

There’s a little bit of me in all of the tracks. Each tracks has it’s own mood. Like  everyone else I go through tons of different moods everyday, so I’d say all of them.

  • How many beats do you listen to before you end up using one? Who is your favorite producer?

I make all of my beats. Sometimes it takes me 5 min to make  a beat that I love, sometimes it takes a week to find the right vibe. I’m very picky with the beat that I use I keep a very very tiny portions of whatIi create. I don’t really have a favorite producer though.

  • What does the future hold for Trap specifically and Hip-Hop in general?

I have no clue but I hope a lot of new sounds and creativity and hopfully a little bit of success for Dopize ahah!

  • What would you change in the music industry?

Money is the only thing that matters in the industry that’s the problem, I would put the art first

  • Any future plans?

A lot of new music, new concepts, just wait and see !

  • Thank you!

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