Pharaoh Santana – PLAYBOY [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

West Coast Conscious

Tell us a few things about your new song Playboy. What is the main idea behind it?

Playboy is the embodiment of walking the walk and talking the talk. The idea behind it is really just an acceptance of who I am, the people around me, and a statement that none of that is going to change. I am who I am.

For which lyric you are most proud of?

In Playboy specifically? Probably “he think he chosen / he Chris Nolan/ how he stand on his tenets”. I love double entendres, wordplay. Also Tennet was a dope ass movie, and obviously there’s the real definition for tenet that pertains to your set of beliefs etc. You get the point haha.

How do you relate to the Los Angeles music scene?

Good question. I think I relate in the sense that my sound is definitely west coast inspired, but I think my sound is a lot different from what’s bubbling in LA currently. I think I just represent a different side of LA that hasn’t had a voice in the past couple years… That being said, A lot of the artists popping off nowadays are friends of mine, or people I know from around the way. Whether it be from local shows, word of mouth, etc. so in reality we’re all connected.

Does Being An Actor Compromise Your Rap Career?

Not at all. If anything I think it helps it. I work a lot off of feeling and inspiration, I like to just let the words come and not force anything.. So I think acting helps me tap into a different side of myself which in turn helps my writing. Sometimes when the music isn’t exactly clicking I still have an outlet to be creative, and usually that then inspires something back to the music. It all works hand in hand.

Best music related film?

Ooooo. Fantasia. and Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Dead tie.

Future plans?

In the immediate future I’m gearing up for my next project “PSP”, a 5 track extended play that piggie backs off of my debut project “PS1” from last year. I definitely want to do more acting as it relates to my music this year, I.E longer music videos that are more plot driven and narritive, etc. I’m really just trying to bring all my skills to the table.

Thank you!

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