Sam Thomas – Progress [Mixtape]

Sam Thomas has been well cemented in the local music scene for a good few years now, from playing in metal, punk and indie bands, to solo acoustic guitar driven music he has been working hard for years. Having finally found his niche in the hip-hop world, he describes this current project as “the most enjoyable to date, I’m proud of the current work and super excited to see what’s to come.” Between working together on tracks and playing on the same live shows Sam Thomas has collaborated with hotly tipped North-East artists Kay Greyson, Eyeconic and Jack Fox but he’s now pushing forward to be the name on everybody’s lips.

Following on from the success of his recent single ‘Mr Sunshine’, Sam Thomas released his biggest body of work to date, the ‘Progress’ mixtape. Described by Sam as “10 tracks, all in my unique story telling style, taking the listener through a mixture of emotions from a seemingly personal narrative.” When looking deeper into the listings, Sam gives a further insight into one of the tracks, ‘Another Word’, explaining “this one is a hard hitting, grime style track, narrating my feels on the industry and music scene.”

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