FAR I – The First Noble Truth [EP]

It’s officially the return of the Black Shepard!

Far I just released The First Noble Truth, which is the first project of his quadrilogy called “The Four Noble Truths”.

It did not take Far I a long time to finish this project. Even though the man has 30 years of rhyming on beats, he has proven that it’s not quite the time to hang up the mic yet. While the world is struck with Rona, Far I has been abusing his pen. Teaming up with some of the hardest producers the net has to offer. This is how Far I built with “The First Noble Truth”.

The message on the album is quite clear; there is suffering! With years of experience in Buddhism and meditation, Far I has set out to convert the wisdom of Buddhism into Hip Hop music. In a very distinctive and original manner, the rapper speaks on painful subjects without hesitation. If the listener is sharp enough, you will pick up on ancient wisdom that’s been proven for millennia.

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