QNA – Above the Law EP

Above the Law is a six-track EP is a sonic snapshot of New York City today, an uncompromising blend of the multi-cultural and multi-genre artists that call it home. Grammy nominated artists Theo Croker, Roots Percussionist, and Mike Larry Draw highlight the thriving jazz, reggae, and hip-hop communities that make up the foundation of QNA’s unique sound. A sound that’s as much NYC as it is global.

QNA sees Above the Law as a representation of their “pirate” way of life. As Míng, the bandleader describes, the EP is “a call to pirates everywhere – those forced to carve out their own way of survival in this world. It’s a call to immigrants working multiple jobs, fighting for their visas. To those who started new businesses so they can put jobs in the hands of those who deserve them. It’s a call to those feeding their communities instead of waiting on their politicians.” Above the Law embraces this grassroots, immigrant-survival mentality and creates a sonic landscape that is equally self-empowering and exploratory.

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