LyricalGenes – Trauma

Describe your sound in 3 words

Original, unpredictable, story-telling

Should we always accept our demons? Tell us a few things about your new song.

I think we should be aware of demons, whatever it may be. “Trauma” is the first song and video where I comfortably talk about depression and ways of coping with it, whether healthy or unhealthy. I speak on my demons and how it has affected me throughout life. For instance I state, “I’m not even comfortable with love. Every time I think I’ve had enough. It stays on my mind. Like all the time. It’s just nature telling me that this time. It’s gon’ be alright. I hope so.” Although this line is self explanatory, I proclaim that I am not comfortable with love because I feel like I do not know what love is. Since I am aware of that demon, I actually try to practice showing affection and/or gratitude to my peers, for example.

Author, poet, musician, model , actor, record label owner, college student..How do all these fit together?

Well, being an author, poet, and musician allow me to tap into my deeper emotions by constantly writing. This continuous writing is extremely therapeutic for me. In addition, I am able to hone in on my publishing skills. On the other hand, modeling and acting is more psychological for me. Specifically, acting gives me the chance to show my many sides that I may not show in real life, based on the character. Lastly, owning a record label and being a college student helps with the entrepreneurial aspect of entertainment. By owning a record label, I have the freedom to express myself however I want and do business with whomever I deem a good fit. Moreover, being a college student is good for networking. Overall, these titles are applicable to entertainment and business, one way or another.

For which lyric are you most proud of?

Within “Trauma”, I have a line that says, “It’s just nature telling me that this time, it’s going to be alright.” This line is an indicator that sometimes we do not have control over what happens to us, for example, falling in love with someone or vice versa. Sometimes we have to learn how to adjust based on what is thrown our way.

What does hip hop symbolize in your opinion?

Being the voice for the voiceless. That’s what it symbolizes for me. Also, music in general allows artists to tap into a deeper consciousness that many other people may feel, but not know how to put it into words like a hip-hop artist, pop artist, etc. is able to. Musicians are like prophets.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Use what you feel to build an empire.

Future plans?

I am working on multiple mixtapes, leading up to my fourth album. I will have proper PR and publicity campaigns for my music, as well as booking live shows, if the pandemic permits. Movie roles and short films are currently in place, so I will still be trying my best to, not only help myself, but others in the process.

Thank you!

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