Ghostown – Breadstick Bowtie (Official Music Video)

Late 90s hip hop vibe with a heavy dose of turntablism.
Blurring the lines between cinema and music,
A Greek guitar riff plays out over a summer evening Sicilian patio, Luciano and Gyp are playing cards when suddenly a bass drum can be heard and the record starts skipping, “Got got got got the shotgun” the stuttered phrase startles them, they look round and see Omar with his gun pointed at them, shiiiiiiiiit!
Lyrics and dialogue are integrated together to present a gangster-esque scenario of kill or be killed, it’s all in the game yo.
Musically centred around a 1920s greek guitar riff and hip hop beats,
Structurally the first part of the song is made up of a constant back and forth between the rap and scratched dialogue until it reaches it’s climax, then the song drops us into a subterranean underwater universe more akin to trip hop, before sliding us back into the main riff where the DJ takes over on the cuts.

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