Tash Hills – What A Good Night [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Funky, Upbeat and Fun!

“What a good night” is definitely uplifting with a great groove and really cool vibe. Tell us a few things about your creative process.

Usually with my songs, I hear a hook first, whether its melody or melody and lyrics. I will then get together with Sam Pack who I write my songs with; and once we have something down my partner Ashley will start piecing the music together. After that it goes off to George Holliday who puts the vision together. WAGN, was on the cutting room floor but we decided to give it another go as originally it was a slow song! We re wrote some of it to ‘funk’ it up and make it the song it is today!

How do you relate to the British music scene?

It’s quite hard to relate the British Music scene as what we are doing seems to stand in its own space. We are Nu-Funk with a Tash Hills twist lol! Hopefully, we are creating our own sound fusing together different genres and styles of music!

Favourite album of the past decade?

Honne – Warm on a cold night

What would you change in the music industry?

It’s very hard for Indie artists to earn money from streaming and royalties, making it impossible to be able to fund touring to build a fan base.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Do what feels right to you, stay true to who you are; and never follow the trend!

One last thing we should know about you?

I was in a band called Sativa in my teens and we played the Jazz Cafe London and supported Jazz Artist; Courtney Pine. My keys player at that time now writes for Global Pop Stars and recently wrote on Kylie Minogue’s new album!

Thank you!

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