Bby Blue – Friends [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

kawaii punk trap

Tell us a few things about your new song Friends.

Friends is about my friends. I grew up around of a lot of drugs and violence so it’s an ode to that anxiety and stress of dealing with loss. I wanted it to be a hip-hop song that also carried this punk element to it. The verse in the middle of a song is about walking into a suicide of a friend and watching my friends mom literally go into psychosis and start banging her head into the cement. Took like 5 cops to hold down this little woman? It was important for me to cultivate that existential dread. To tell that story and end it with a higher note spiritually, the higher note being a sample from the tv show Midnight Gospel starting with, “This is hopeless”. I essentially wanted people who have gone through what I went through to be okay with not being okay. To allow themselves to find strength and power in their grief and dread.

For which lyric you are most proud of?

Ahahaha, haven’t used it yet but its, “I need my princess Peach with that golden pipe.” Anyone a Nintendo and Mario party fan?

Can you share something funny that happened during one of your gigs? And what would be your dream performance venue?

When I was a kid I played on the Gibson tour bus. Drake from Drake and Bell was supposed to play but he broke his arm the night before (I think with the highly credible accusations about him lately I got lucky), but anyways I staged dived at my own performance and security didn’t know who I was so they removed me from my own show. They were pretty embarrassed and so was I. Good times.

Favorite album of the past decade?

I think EARTHGANG’s Mirrorland. That album sounds so soft production wise. Also lyrically it’s so powerful. I think it really has something to offer to anyone. I also love Joyce Manor’s S/T record. It shines on my teen years. Super good and emotional pop songs.

Favorite music related film?

I want to say a Star is Born. Lady Gaga’s version. I think it’s a great film conceptually. You have this human who is super talented and loving but he is filled with pain and addiction. Then he falls in love and basically lets this other human being ride on his success until she becomes more succesful. His issues are burdens to her and he realizes she can’t save him (we should save ourselves anyways) nor does she want to because she doesn’t love him. She just wanted what he could give outside of his issues. Classic tale of narcissism and struggle in the most cold industry. Yet still beautiful.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Just relax. Do more for yourself. Find balance in love and life. Make plans. Write more. Read more. Run more. Eat better. Kiss your friends. Respect yourself so others will respect you and so you respect others. Love hard. Ask for love. Find peace in everything.

Thank you!

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