Super Kreep – Cell Phone [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Dark, sexy, and real

What comes first? The song or the heaviness? Tell us a few things about your creative process

To be honest its a different process everytime. Im very hip hop fueled so believe it or not, a lot of our songs start with some type of loop or beat idea with a rap. Then I send the idea to our bassist hasma who sets the standard for the songs heaviness and funkyness.

Which band introduced you to this blend of Metal Rap?

The Red hot chili pepper’s are probably the first band that made hip hop and heavy music a possibility in my eyes.

Favourite album of the past year?

Ebk young joc – forever 21

What would you change in the music industry?

Higher streaming payouts

What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?

The wrong missy. That shit had my dyin.

Should we expect a full album? Future plans

Probably not a FULL album anytime soon since we wanna focus on releasing the best content rather than the most content. I live in Australia while the rest of the band lives in los angeles so our main plans are to keep creating great music and content through this pandemic until the powers that be allow us to come together and start hitting the world with some crazy live performances for everyone!!

Thank you!

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