A.D. – Sex/Love [Interview]

Tell us about this collaboration between the UK and US in this new song Sex/Love

I was actually a fan of Kiing before I approached him for the collab. I’d been listening to his music for maybe a year or so and we’d talked a couple times from when I was sharing his music about and commenting on his posts. Eventually I then reached out to him about doing a collab for this song I’d already written and he was happy to help do the singing part of the track, which is a HUGE help because I’m not nearly as good a singer! It’s truly a blessing I got to work with someone who I’m genuinely a fan of.

For which lyric you are most proud of?

“When pulling your panties up you feel like you’re find love
But it really don’t work like that” – I think this line really encapsulates what the song is truly about at its core, i.e. the dangers of confusing lust for love. In general I’m proud of the entire singing part because I’ve not had much experience as a songwriter for melodies or for other people so I really had to step outside of my experience as a rapper to take on a different voice as well as lean into an uncharacteristic side of me FOR the rapping part to make it take on a distinct persona from the singing part

Favorite album of the past decade

Tough question! I really can’t decide on just one so I’ll cheat a bit and say Heartbreak On A Full Moon by Chris Brown, The Lost Boy by Cordae, ADHD by Joyner Lucas, Kiing of Spades by Kiing, African Giant by Burna Boy and The Off-Season by J.Cole

What would be your dream performance venue?

One of my bucket list items is to perform a sold out show at Wembley Stadium. I worked at the Eminem and One Direction concerts when they performed at Wembley Stadium and the electricity in the air never left my memory. I want to be the source of that electricity one day

What does the future hold for hip hop in general?

The future of Hip Hop is extremely unpredictable so nobody knows, including myself. I wish I could tell you what it holds but, if I knew, I’d be at the forefront of the next wave! All I can say is that Hip Hop will continue to evolve in such imaginative ways and, although I have a huge fondness for Hip Hop in the 00s, it’ll be interesting to see how Hip Hop develops. What I WILL say, though, is that Hip Hop in the future will be more inclusive than it’s ever been before. Race, sexuality, gender, background, class…it won’t matter, anybody will be welcome in Hip Hop in the years to come.

What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?

I barely watched movies in quarantine to be honest since I’m not much of a movie watcher, but I THINK that’s when I had the chance to catch up on a whole bunch of black movies I’d neglected to watch! Out of all those I’d say I really enjoyed Training Day or Paid in Full the most

When not writing music, how do you spend your time?

To be honest the overwhelming majority of my time is spent either working, writing music or doing things that feed into my music somehow like my YouTube vlog Road to Moderate Fame. At the moment I’m in the process of bringing back my podcast The Forbidden Juice Podcast but I’m also trying to relax more with things like working out in the gym, playing basketball, watching anime/Netflix/YouTube vids and playing some PS5

Thank you!

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