ALi – party [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

i would say it’s a mixture of pop, hip-hop, and dance, but i never like to make labels with my music because i always like to expand my boundaries with genres and make something new everyday

How many beats do you listen to before you end up using one? Tell us a few things about your creative process.

i usually come up with an idea for a song in my head and then make the beat as i envision it to be, or if i don’t have an idea right off the bat, i play around with sounds for a bit and then usually i slowly start to envision soemthing out of the sounds i play around with and the beat ends up building itself slowly. that’s how i made this album as far as production-wise. i spent all of last year doing just that and i ended up making around 30 beats till november of 2020. in november of 2020, i started recording vocals for the album and from there on out till may of 2021, i hand-picked 13 beats that i wanted to create songs for on the album.

What is the main topic of your lyrics?

i would say collectively throughout my whole discography, it’s just self-confidence and being happy. in my new album ‘party’, i continued that, but i also wanted to touch on other topics, such as insecurities & strengths, reminiscence, resilience, and hope.

Artists and people who have influenced and inspired you?

the list is so long, but some notable people are definitely Selena Gomez, Doja Cat, blackbear, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding, and Charli XCX, especially for this album.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an artist so far?

the self-funding process i would say. i’m an independent artist and finding yourself and your art does get challenging at times and it sometimes even gets to the point of “is this even worth it?”, but then i realize that i create music because i want to do it and i am passionate about it, and people relating to it and making my music their own is success to me.

What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?

Shutter Island for sure. i might get called out for never watching it before, but it’s a must see for everyone. it really messes with your head, but in the best way possible.

One last thing we should know about you?

i wanna thank everyone so much and please have a listen to my new album ‘party’: i want everyone to make this album their own and feel free and celebrate life as we know it, even though it might be challenging to do so in this time. i love seeing people enjoying my music and relating to it in their own way, and that really gives me motivation to keep going. thank you so much!

Thank you!

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