Watasino – Sayonara [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

everyday life, passion, solitude

Tell us a few things about your creative process.

Basically, the work is divided into three days. On the first day, we set up a simple beat and then record as many ideas as we can think of to create a prototype for the song.
The second day is spent stripping away the unnecessary sounds from the first day’s recordings. Once the song is finished, we take a walk and listen to it over and over again. This makes it easier to find areas for improvement.
The third day is for fine-tuning the arrangement and mixing. Too much attention to detail often makes things worse, so I finish the work in moderation. I leave the mastering to AI, so it’s very easy.

How difficult is it to promote instrumental music nowadays?

I don’t think so. Without a doubt, instrumental music is being heard more than ever before.
And for someone like me, who lives in a non-English speaking country and can only speak my native language, instrumental music is an important way to cross borders.

Your music has very sweet grooves. Tell us a song with a groove you wish you have composed yourself

The Pharcyde – Runnin’

Favourite album of the past decade?

This is a very difficult question. The one I can think of right now is Malibu by Anderson .Paak.

Favorite music related film?

I’m not much of a movie watcher, but Sister Act is one of my favorite movies.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

No matter what path you take, it all leads to one.

Thank you!

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