pretty ghetto – INJURY NOGRACE [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

pretty. mothafuckin. ghetto.

Tell us a few things about INJURY NOGRACE and your creative process in general.

INJURY NOGRACE is really just a collection of songs that i’ve made from the past year and half or so. Matter of fact, the lyrics on second part of ‘pretty like my dior’ dates back as far as december of 2019. My creative process really aint nothing special, i dont think. I’m just going through my day to day and if i feel like i have a melody or some lyrics in my head, i’ll jot it down on my phone. But nothing really materializes out of that right away. I’m always just thinking of concepts, there’s so much happening in my life that might not always be huge but it’s enough to over-analyze and make a song out of. I over-analyze everything and that doesn’t help my well-being. But hey, INJURY NOGRACE is a product of those unhealthy circumstances. Basically what i’m saying is is that if i ever fuck up in my life and i’m just going through it, at least i’ll know a great project will come out of it.

Well done for releasing a full album. But do people listen to full albums nowadays?

I don’t know. I know I do. If I have 1 or 2 dope songs on my album that someone is fucking with heavy, then i know they’ll be like “alright, lemme run through this whole thing real quick”. That’s why I like to switch up the styles on my project, so there’s something in there for anyone and everyone. I think that’s what’s key about making a full-length project; making sure you have enough interesting things to offer the listener so they don’t get bored. If you don’t think you have enough things to say that will keep the listener captivated then don’t release an album. It’s like when I see an anime that has like 70 seasons, I’m like ‘what the fuck’. How can this show have that much of a great story to tell? It’s crazy. But all in all, if people can’t keep up with the full album, then they won’t, but there’s people that can and fuck with it, so it is what it is. Maybe it’s an attention-span thing. That’s actually why I made sure the first half of the album was filled with the hype shit, the bangers.

Freedom, reflection, hype or chilling. How do all these fit together in your music?

i explore all those avenues and styles in my music, especially in INJURY NOGRACE. And I love to just reflect on my own shit that i got going on in my life through my music. And the songs that I make when I’m in that reflective headspace are usually my favorite because that’s like the only way I can express unfiltered emotions and shit. But I love just making songs that are hype and a chill vibe that my homies can just smoke to or something. Thats been like my main goal as of late.

Best rap album ever?

that’s a toss up between ‘Operation: Doomsday’ and ‘Acid Rap’

What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?

Lars and the Real Girl. Ryan gosling don’t miss.

One last thing we should know about you?

I dont know what’s worth knowing about me. INJURY NOGRACE out on all platforms tho.

Thank you!

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