Sasha Hromyk – All The Right Ways [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Soulful. Mature. Pure

Tell us a few things about your new song “All The Right Ways”. What is the main idea behind it?

I wanted to write a song around the idea of fear being a healthy concept rather than one preventing us from moving forward. Sometimes fear takes on the form of intrigue which leads us to explore what we normally wouldn’t.

Do you like the idea of collaborating? Is songwriting a lonely process?

I love collaborating. Most of the tracks I’ve released have been co-written and co-produced. Teams are important. As far as songwriting being a lonely process – yes – it can be. You have to be ok with being a bit of a loner sometimes to finish what you start.

What do you enjoy most? Writing music or performing your music live?

Both have their place and I love them on different levels. But there is something about performing live behind a mic that gives me life. I love delivering emotion through a good vocal performance.

What would you change in the music industry?

The industry at times seems to be more concerned with presentation rather than talent. I would be careful with companies that run this way.

When not writing music, how do you spend your time?

Well I work a day job as a Barber. My other time when not creating, is spent at the gym.

What would you say is your biggest vice?

My biggest vice – playing the same songs on repeat instead of exploring the new tracks on my Release Radar 😛

Thank you!

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