Orca – Back To Life [Interview]

Tell us a few things about your new Back To Life. What is the main idea behind it?

Back to life was recorded as a sequel to my earlier release, Your Home the main idea behind Back to life is that whenever you’re surrounded by negative ideas and aura. You feel those ideas are limiting and causing you to go deeper into despair. However, there is always this one person in our lives who’s ready to dive in headfirst no matter how dark our thoughts are, how depressed we feel, or how broken we may seem; he’s always willing to overcome those challenges holding the key that will free us from our chains of despair and sorrow this song is a direct call to that person. Hence, whenever you feel you’re in desperate need of help and can’t take it anymore, make sure to send this song to that person so that he knows that you need his help that you’re in need of him to bring you back to life. The idea becomes crystal clear once you take a look at the artwork for this song the orca chained represents once self unable to move and overcome the darkest times in his life. The chains represent whatever is holding us back. The orca being flipped on its Back means that it cannot resist and is being dragged even deeper into darkness. The red eyes represent all those emotions and thoughts blocking your path to freedom, making sure you’re drowning instead of going up. And finally, there is the other orca with the key in its mouth, which represents that person who’s always diving headfirst to free from the shackles that bind us, ready to bring us back to life.

What is the story behind your name?

The nickname Orca was given to me by my close friends and teammates earlier in life. Despite being a visually-impaired induvial, I used to play soccer and basketball with relying heavily on sight. However, with my other senses heightened, I was able to evade my opponents and score for my team with extreme accuracy, thus nicknamed Orca because, in a way that an orca attacks its prey with extreme precision relying on echolocation at first, the debate was on whether to be called a dolphin. However, thanks to my aggressive playstyle, I was given the nickname Orca instead of carrying it with me.

What first got you into music?

My passion for music cannot be expressed or measured. I used to play with keyboards and sing since I was a child growing up with English music. Even though my mother tongue is Arabic, I fell in love with English music. But thanks to some unique circumstances, I was only able to start releasing music at the age of 30 in January 202

Your dream collaboration?

When it comes to collabs, I never thoughts of it since I’m only focusing on improving my abilities behind the mic, but when I’m asked about the first person that comes to mind is T-pain, he’s the reason why I fell in love with hip-hop and pop music in the first place my second answer will be an artist who’s willing to accept me and also willing to recognize my talent as an artist. As artists, we need to stick together and try to spread the message as much as possible why am I saying this? Because it’s a part of my dream to spread my music across the globe and share it with as many people as possible, creating a movement of those who’ll support and help me release more music as well as those who’ll connect with my music and will consider my music their escape and the place they’ll always come to in order to face their daily challenges and ideals or can make their dreams a reality.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an artist so far?

The biggest challenge that I’m facing at the moment is divided into two parts. The first part is me being alone right now. I write records do some basic mixing manage my socials, and run my own website. For a visually-impaired individual, this is overwhelming and can burn you out quickly, so my biggest hope is to find those who’ll support me so that I can focus on releasing music. The second part is the fact that I’m struggling financially when it comes to music I’m always ready and always got ideas to share. However, unfortunately, I can only release one single a month due to a very tight budget which is very depressing and affects me heavily. I wish to share as much of my music with the world as possible with my being limited. The task is becoming more and more difficult that is why I’d like to share this message with the rest of the world: please help and show your support to me so that I can shine and share my talent with you because without this will be impossible to accomplish I recently started a donation page help me realize my dream and let us grow together my biggest wish is to spread the word because my philosophy is “Always To inspire and get inspired because music can fix what words alone cannot” with that said I’m looking forward to your help and support thank you.

In which state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

I promote myself as a visually-impaired artist, and my music includes: 400% Love 400% Romance, and 200% of all that is between this promotion is no joke. I want my music to reach as many people who might need my music as possible, so you’ll be finding different topics in told uniquely within each of my releases, and depending on the listener’s state of mind, he’ll be able to choose the song that elevates his current emotion. But deep down in my core, I’m a Love/Romance artist who’s always in love and is ready to express his feelings spectacularly and mainly.

You’d give up making music for…

Financial crisis because if I don’t have money, there is no way I can create music because I’m always in need of help from those who’ll pick up where my disability left. For example, when it comes to mixing, mastering, or beat making, those tasks require a good ear and good sight. That is why there is no way I can create anything on my own currently; I pay a London producer by the name of FlipTunesMusic so that I can access his beat catalog, a producer/Audio engineer who goes by the name Larry Ohh! So that he can help fill in the blanks with tasks that require sight and come up with the final product. And finally, I pay an Australian designer who by the name Beartrix so that she can help bring my artwork ideas to life. All those require a huge amount of cash, and if I get to the point where I can’t pay any of them, this might be the end for me, so for anyone reading this, show your support for me and my music and let us keep on pushing

Thank you!

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