Orca – Good 4 You [Interview]

Tell us a few things about your new song ‘Good 4 You’. What is the main idea behind it?

Here’s the main idea behind the single “Good 4 You”:
While creating this single, i went with a simple approach and tried to answer the most obvious question that we ask ourselves once We meet someone who’s maybe out of our league, or we’re interested in making the first move on. But before we do any of that, we ask (AM I GOOD FOR YOU). It’s a question that carries much weight if you think about it. Then i decided to tell a simple story that focuses on love, romance, and the importance of asking this question and what you can do to make the first move; this song also contains fresh ideas that i wanted to try out something that’ll make this single stand out among its peers. When it comes to the artwork, i went with a different approach. This time the painting is a storyteller; every detail hints towards something related to the song, from the colors to the heart waves drawn on the top and the bottom of the design, i don’t want to spoil this. It would help if you listened to understand what the art

How would you describe your musical progress over the years?

I’ve been releasing music for a year and two months so far, so good I still have a long way to go. I’m always looking to improve and develop my abilities as an artist and songwriter. I improve with each release that comes out. I’m always on the look-out for reviews, feedback, and support so that I can release and create more music my latest addition is a PayPal donation page for those who wish to support and keep me as an artist; the fact that PayPal is safe and secure I’m hoping that people will feel safer donating to help me out improve and keep going since I’m visually-impaired, and I can’t do everything alone.

Do you like the idea of collaborating? Is songwriting a lonely process?

Since starting out, I wasn’t presented with the opportunity to collab with anyone, but I’m not against it. Unfortunately, things aren’t that easy, and I’ll tell you why I’ve been approached by someone who wanted to collab but turned that he’s a scammer, so to all starting artists out there, be careful don’t trust anyone who offers a collab always do your research before signing or starting any new project.
As for songwriting, songwriting is never a lonely process because once you start writing, you’re immediately taken to this amazing world where ideas are all around, bagging you to be heard are dive deeper and deeper into your creative mind this can take hours and the journey in your creative mind is always fruitful especially when your inspiration is acting as your guiding compass. Hence, I never considered songwriting to be lonely or a tedious process.

What do you enjoy most? Writing music or performing your music live?

Hmm, this is a tough one, honestly. The entire music creation process is enjoyable, from the moment your inspiration hits you to the moment of lyrics writing. Next, you visualize how your recording will go trying different ideas (all in your mind, by the way) and then stepping behind the mic recording the hooks verses, background vocals, adlibs, and layers; then there is the time when you’ll need to sit down and conjure an idea for your single’s artwork thinking of details should you show within it and what will it be about. I love it all because I do it all, with exceptions. I’m proud and blessed to enjoy most of the steps the rest I leave to those I work with due to my poor sight; I’m unable to enjoy everything, but thanks to the outstanding beatmaker FlipTunesMusic, the phenomenal producer/mixing/master engineer Larry Ohh! And the talented designer/illustrator Beartrix, it’s been good, and I’m so thankful for all their efforts.

Is Spotify the music industry’s new Gatekeepers?

To be honest, streaming on Spotify is becoming more and more complicated. You need to reach many streams or get placements in a well-known playlist to get a decent income. So it’s becoming more and more difficult. For me, if you’re not willing to spend much money on campaigns with well-known companies so that they can push your song (Beware from scammers. There are many scammers), then the journey will become more complex and more challenging from here, and for me, that is not an option since my budget is minimal, and without other people’s support, I won’t be able to make such a move. Also, curators make it very difficult to be placed in playlists since they sometimes act as judge, jury, and executioner then you won’t make it, and most of the time they won’t give a reason for it so for starting artists, how are we going to improve if we’re not given the proper feedback or instructions on how to move forward so for me I do post my music on Spotify. However, I’m not getting much out of it due to the difficulties that I’m facing.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

The advice that I will give my younger self is to start early in your life. Then, once your dream is decided, don’t wait it out and don’t listen to the haters around you because that will come back and bite you in the end music industry is all about time and effort, and the earlier you start, the better and wiser you’ll become when it comes to music-making and business decisions.

What is the most useless talent you have?

An excellent question to ask. Do you know why because? I never considered thinking about it, but I’m sure that I will have an answer for it in the future.

Thank you!

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