Luchi – Alien Girl [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

honest, raw, soulful

Tell us a few things about your new album ‘Alien Girl’. What is the story behind it?

The story behind it is the chronicles of my past three years living in London. It’s the story of so many people like me that moved to another country to follow their dreams and make a better life for themselves. People that didn’t belong in the place they were born in and that worked hard to create that sense of belonging in the place of their choice.

Which is your most personal and honest lyric?

“… And I know that i like to sabotage things and this is why, I made him sabotage me”. I think this sentence encapsulates the first real struggle I always had in relationships and it acts as one of the starting points of my album.

What do you enjoy most? Writing music or performing your music live?

This is a tough one! The making of this album in collaboration with Charles Bioul, Tom Gilbertson and Federico Marchi really changed my perspective! 3 years ago I would have said with no doubt the writing process was my favourite part of making music, now I just can’t wait to bring what I write to the band and see what arrangements we come up with for our live shows! So I would say, performing live is now the part I enjoy the most! The power of collaboration I guess!

What would you change in the music industry?

I would change the constant need to put artists in boxes. Music should educate people to recognise talent in the complexity of every human being rather than minimise human beings/artists to simple labels or categories. I think every artist has a world inside that is so different from everybody else and as controversial as it might sound, in my opinion it has nothing to do with their genre or music style.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Do what feels right and work with other people!! Don’t be scared of failing or showing yourself for who you really are!

What is the one habit/thing you cannot live without?

When it comes to my music, I am a massive control freak! I need to know everything is going the way I planned! I couldn’t live without my habit of organising weeks in advance on my calendar!

Thank you!

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